Home SchoolingA lot of people get freaked out when I tell them that I’m going to home school my kids. Their immediate answer is.. WHAT!! Are you crazy?

Some of their responses are like:

  • How will he/she get a job when they grow up?
  • How will they be able to socialise with the world?
  • Are you planning to follow any curriculum or syllabus?
  • Why are you ruining your child’s future?
  • and the list goes on…

Firstly, I would like to say that we don’t even know what the future is going to be like 20 years from now, and I strongly believe that the kids that are able to be more creative, expressive and quick to learn, un-learn and re-learn are the ones who will be happy and successful in their lives.

Schools Today Kill Creativity

This video by Sir Ken Robinson is the video which changed my perspective on the education system. I watched this over 3 years ago and ever since I have been watching many other TED videos talking about the realities of today’s broken eduction system.

Now that you’ve heard Sir Ken Robinson’s perspective on schooling, I would like to share with you some of my personal experiences in my life which have caused me to believe that home schooling is by far the best way to bring out the best in your child.

  • I run a company today with some awesome people working me, but my qualification is that I flunked my 12th grade and I just completed a Diploma in Audio Engineering.
  • One of my best employees is someone who’s home schooled and has accomplished far more in his life at 20 than any other 20 year old.
  • After studying the lives of all the famous failures, I’m now convinced that success really does not depend on college degrees, it depends a lot on how strongly you pursue your passions in life.

The Challenges Of Home Schooling

As much as I propagate home schooling, let me tell you that this is not for everybody. It’s take a lot of guts and determination to go against the system. There will be a lot of times when you’re faced with peer pressure to get your kids back into the system, and in many cases parents break and get their kids back into it.

The biggest challenges of home schooling are:

  1. Both Parents Working: If both the mother and father are busy building their careers, there is no way you can bring up a child in the home schooled way. It’s the prime duty of the mother to bring up the child in the initial years, and then the father in the teenager years.
  2. Not having a learning culture at home: If your home does not have a natural learning culture right from the beginning, then we really cannot expect our kids to be home schooled the right way.
  3. Not having a passion-based study plan: I’m not talking about curriculums here, because curriculums also are very ‘cookie cutter’ types. Having said that, we need to have an overall education plan to get out the best out of your child. This may include a combination of spirituality, values, history, mindset education, science, maths and geography.
  4. Not having a clear purpose of this education: the end goal of home schooling your child must be to ultimately equip them with the experiential knowledge, tools and mindset to be able to live a happy, healthy, responsible and creative life where they are able to monetise their passions and live a fulfilled life.

Here’s how 13-yr old Logan stepped out of the conventional path to now living a happy life being homeschooled, and hacking his way thru life!

Din’t this video completely blow your mind away??? This is what’s possible when you take this message to heart and put it into action.

Here’s One More Video For Proof

Angad Daryani has been called a number of things: child prodigy, little genius, the inspiring teenager, but he can best be described by one word—Maker. Home schooled by teachers who focus on hands on learning, Angad has always been passionate about building things, from improvising already existing software to making custom hardware. When a guy builds a Rep Rap 3D printer at the age of 13, you know there is no stopping him.

The System Is Designed To Enslave You

The reason why most people don’t want to go unconventional is because they don’t have the guts to go against the system. The entire education system and the employment system is designed to enslave people for their whole lives.

The most common advise we get from our elders is go to school, get good grades, get a safe and secure job and stay happy. Now that according to me is living a very limited lifestyle, where you’re just in your little box-like home, driving your little box-like car and going to your little box-like cubicle at work.

To me, I believe that life is much more than that. And the entire education system today is just getting people to live in boxes and be slaves to the system.

How Can Home Schoolers Make Money?

The path that I’m planning to take is to raise my kids the way Cameron Herold is doing.. to raise kids into entrepreneurs. Of course I will also be adding the spiritual edge to their upbringing.

Cameron Herold is an amazing guy who recently spoke at TED and talks about how he raises his children to think differently.. to think as entrepreneurs.

The world tomorrow has unlimited possibilities and home schooling (according to me) is one of the most effective ways to get the best out of your child, provided you know what you’re doing and you have a good structure in place to enable that.

There will definitely be many challenges you may face to make that bold step to rebel against the system, but the pay-off is much larger than life if done well, from the examples you have seen above.

My Mission and Final Take On This Subject

I’ve always been a little crazy with the things I do, and sometimes freaks people out, because I believe that you’ve got to be a little crazy to do magical things in this world. I have a baby boy who’s growing really fast, and as the world around me is doing everything conventional, I’m convinced that the future of my family and my kids is going to be magical, fun, happy and creative!

With my passion for music, technology and spirituality, I know that home schooling is the only way to bring everything together.

The whole reason why I got blogging is because I can voice my opinion out to the world without any fear. I can speak my mind out about the things that I really love and hate (and also make money by doing it..with proof)

So.. what’s you’re take on this subject? Homeschooling or not?