In a world filled with digital noise, content is slightly taking a different shift of things.

Here’s a really cool infographic by Ignition, which I thought you might find useful if you’re into content writing.

Different Eras Of Content

Content 1.0 – One to One: This type of content is mostly story telling, one-to-one and handwritten text.

Content 2.0 – One to Many: The next generation of content was publishing. The era when newspapers and magazines came to the forefront.

Content 3.0 – Many to Many: The internet arrives and gives all of us platforms like wordpress and Facebook for us to share content to the world.

Content 4.0 – We have now reached the point of time where CONTENT really needs to be KING!

What Is Content 4.0

Content 4.0 is the type of content which is more targeted to the reader.

  1. It’s relevant
  2. It’s attractive
  3. It’s emotional
  4. It’s convenient


content 4.0