What really motivates us? Have you ever though about this . I used to think that “money” makes the world go round. But I was sadly mistaken.

As I look back into my childhood, I remember many situations where I have made decisions based on what others wanted me to do. Later as I grew up as a teenager and then an adult, I started to make more decisions based on what I felt was right.

As I progresses on my spiritual journey, I realised that what motivates me is not any monetary, but something which is larger than my life.

In this video below you’ll learn exactly what motivates you in life. Trust me.. it’s not money!

What Is Motivation?

It’s an impetus or a stimulus of thought for you to take some action. Getting motivated can be in many ways. In some cases external and in rare cases internal.


– External motivation is when you pick up a book, read and get inspired to take some action.
– External motivation is when you watch some awesome video on youtube and then go out and take action.
– External motivation is when you listen to some really inspiring audio and then you go and take action on it.
– External motivation is when you attend a seminar or conference and then decide to make a change in your life.

All the above examples of motivation have a fade time – or short-lived. As long as you are able to keep yourself thinking about that book, audio, video or seminar you are inspired to take action.

But what’s the more powerful than External Motivation is Internal Motivation..

Internal motivation is state of mind where you really don’t need anything external to make you do something. It’s a strong belief which has been internalised by your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

Example: If you have been pushed so hard in life that you never want to go back to that situation, is an example of internal motivation.

When you have what burning desire to ‘do whatever it takes’ to pursue your goal.. that is internal motivation.

The most successful people in the world have been internally motivated and did not need anyone or any external force to get them to where they wanted to be.

What motivates me in life is that I have an opportunity to impact thousands of people just thru my blog.

This is a system which helped me find my true motivation in life – which is music, spirituality and technology.

What Motivates You?? Share Your Thoughts!