I was having an argument with my cousin the other day that.. Success is really not measured by ones educational qualification, but more to do with ones MINDSET!” In fact I could prove this point with a shocking article I had read “10 Presidents, 16 Executives Without College Degrees“. Did you know that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were college drop-outs and have been one of the most influential people in our society?… Do you know WHY? It’s all about their Vision & Mindset..and willingness to succeed!

It is a shocking fact that only 5% of the people in this industry succeed and the remaining 95% either fizz out or totally lose hope that they will ever be able to achieve their goals!

As I began the searching for that secret formula, digging through the depths of these successful network marketers… there was a very clear distinction of qualities that I could take out, and here are the 10 Secrets Revealed.

  1. THEY HAVE BIG DREAMS: We need to have dreams SO BIG that people would laugh at us! Only then can the impossible become possible.
  2. THEY HAVE BULLET-PROOF COMMITMENT: The ‘No Matter What‘ Attitude is very clear. Failure should NOT be an option.
  3. THEY HAVE THE HABIT OF SETTING GOALS: It’s better to know where you’re going, than going Nowhere!
  4. THEY HAVE THE HUNGER FOR ACQUIRING KNOWLEDGE: Always updating themselves with the latest information. The More they Learn.. The More they Earn.
  5. THEIR SPEED OF IMPLEMENTATION: As soon as an idea pops in.. they implement it IMMEDIATELY!
  6. THEY ONLY GO OUT WITH A PLAN: If we fail to plan, then we’re planning to fail. Get to your drawing board after this.
  7. THEY ARE LEADERS : People follow ONLY Leaders. And the most successful Networkers are Leaders.
  8. THEY HAVE AN EXTREMELY HIGH SELF-ESTEEM: The super successful people in the world always BELIEVE that THEY ARE EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL!
  9. THEIR PEOPLE SKILLS ARE GREAT: This is a skill that is acquired. And great Networkers are usually warm, friendly and easy to approach people.
  10. THEY ARE GENUINE: This is one quality which make the Successful stand out long term, from the crowd.

I hope you found this post valuable and I wish you All the Best, in implementing all these principles IMMEDIATELY so that you can become extremely successful.