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Public Speaking is a very important part of the MLM – Home Based Business industry and many times, a person may have to present their opportunity to hundreds of people at a time. If you’re the type that dreads the stage and limelight, if you’re nervous talking to people on stage, then this post is going to give you some relief.

If you’ve ever heard me speak in my biography, you’ll know well that my experience in public speaking started way back… from when I was 19 years old. I used to teach at an Audio Engineering college back in 2002. Though it was just a small class of 20 students, I still remember how nervous I was, when I had to teach theory. Imagine a 19 yr old teaching a classroom filled with students who were in their 20’s and 30’s (and some in their 40’s). It was definitely tough.. no doubts! But I somehow managed to put my courage together and delivered the knowledge, which I was pretty good at, back then.

If you’re a person who needs to get into the shoes of a presenter asap, or you’re just beginning to hit the pin-levels in your MLM company and you’re required to speak on stage in front of hundreds of people, I’ve got 10 quick tips that can help you over come anxiety and take your public speaking skills to the next level.

Here are my Top 10 MLM Public Speaking Tips

MLM Public Speaking Tip #1: Always Start Out With Confidence

The way you speak for your first 2 minutes on stage will define the way people will listen to whatever you say after that. Start out with confidence. Maybe a small joke or ice-breaker that will lighten the mood and make the audience feel comfortable with you.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #2: Never Apologize For Your Anxiety

I’ve heard some speakers apologize for their anxiety on stage. This is a TOTAL NO NO! The audience will immediately feel that you’re not capable of delivering, and will soon lose interest in whatever you have to say.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #3: Pauses Are Powerful

Pauses in speech have magic in them. It actually makes the listener assimilate the information better, than just rambling away like a machine gun. Especially when you’re delivering an important point or message, make sure you give good pauses between your speech.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #4: Keep Your Hands Empty

A study has shown that people get more anxious when their holding something while they speak, compared to not holding anything. Holding something heavy will only exaggerate your trembling when anxious.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #5: Write Your Speech Out Verbatim

If you’re just new to public speaking, write your speech out verbatim and underline or bold the important words which can give you a cue to get started on a topic. As you get better and better, you can just have those important words on a post-it note or a notepad.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #6: Make An Eye Contact With Friends

Eye contact is very important when delivering a speech. When you start making an eye contact with the people that you know, it will automatically increase your confidence levels and their attention span too. You can also mention some of them in your speech, if relevant. Removes some pressure.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #7: Become A Statue Of Power

It’s ok to move around when you speak, but when you’re going to deliver an important message, make sure that you have your feet firm in the ground and you speak with confidence. People who move around too much, usually do not grab the attention of the audience for a long time. The key is to balance your  movements and statue position.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #8: Keep You Pockets Light (And Some Cash)

Make sure that you remove your mobile phone, keys and your wallet, or anything heavy from your pocket. Keeping your pockets light will also make you feel lighter. I have been through a few seminars on NLP (Nero-Liguistic Programming) where they’ve said that keeping a few hundred dollar bills in your pocket can give you a boost in your confidence levels. Money has power.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #9: Focus On Foreheads

If you’re uncomfortable looking into the eyes of strangers or anyone for that matter, the best trick is to look only at foreheads. Now the audience will not know this, and will feel that you’re looking at them. A very clever trick especially if you’re anxious to make any eye contact.

MLM Public Speaking Tip #10: Tell Your Audience That They’re Getting What They Want

By far one of the most powerful public speaking tricks in the MLM Industry. When you start speaking, casually ask your audience what they want and what they expect. Still better is to write them on a white board. And as you’re going on with your presentation, you keep reiterating to them that they are getting what they want. You can also sum up your speech telling your audience that you have provided them a solution to all that they were looking for.

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