Do you know what’s the secret to becoming a MILLIONAIRE??? Well…it’s READING Everyday For 15-20 mins!

I’m going to save you a lot of time and research – and give away the MOST-DESIRED list of books and courses on the Planet. I must say that I haven’t completed all of these – but definitely in the process.

Once YOU have read these titles – you can be sure that you will NOT be the same person that you have been seeing in the mirror everyday. These books have the potential to change your life and can give you that personal power to achieve whatever you want in your life. So let’s jump straight to my favorite Top 10 list.

#1 Think & Grow Rich

#2 The Success Secret That Never Fails

The Success System That Never Fails

#3 How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling

How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling

#4 Psycho-Cybernetics


#5 Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

#6 The Power Of Your Subconsious Mind

The Power Of Your Subconsious Mind

#7 The Master Key System

The Master Key System

#8 How To Win Friends & Influence People

How To Win Friends And Influence People

#9 The Law Of Success

The Law Of Success

#10 Awaken The Giant Within

Awaken The Giant Within

Here’s The 77 Exclusive Titles That Can Put Your Path To Success.. On-Steriods!

Most of these books are hand-picked.

  1. The Aladdin Factor

  2. Speed Enrollers

  3. The Irresistible Offer

  4. The Obvious Expert

  5. Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

  6. The Science of Influence

  7. Talking The Winners Way

  8. The 12 Month Millionaire

  9. How To Market A Product For Under $500

  10. Influence: Science And Practice

  11. Succeed And Grow Rich Through Persuasion

  12. The Greatest Salesman In The World

  13. The Prayer Of Jabez

  14. The Automatic Millionaire

  15. The Millionaire Republican

  16. Think Like A Billionaire

  17. Phone Power

  18. Ultimate Guide To Networking

  19. Magnetic Marketing

  20. Dare To Win

  21. The Purpose Driven Life

  22. See You At The Top

  23. The Wave 3 Way To Building Your Downline

  24. The One Minute Millionaire

  25. Quicken 2003 For Dummies

  26. Front Page 2003 For Dummies

  27. Pushing The Envelope

  28. Selling To The Very Important Top Officer

  29. Selling The Invisible

  30. Wave 4

  31. Striking It

  32. 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People

  33. Article Blue Print

  34. Product Launch Formula

  35. Get The Edge

  36. Zero Resistance Living

  37. HoloSync

  38. Beyond Freedom

  39. Rich Jerk

  40. 33 Days To Online Profits

  41. Web Traffic Stampede

  42. Ultimate Copywriting Seminar In A Box

  43. Freelance Writing Success In A Box

  44. Internet Information Marketing Players Workshop

  45. No BS Newsletter

  46. $4,000 A Day In Your Underwear

  47. Magnetic Sales letters

  48. Underground Online Marketing Seminar

  49. Yanik Silver Mastermind Group

  50. Ultimate Copywriting Workshop

  51. Ultimate Marketing Plan

  52. Zero Resistance Selling

  53. Dominating Adsense

  54. The Ultimate Blue Print For Massive Success

  55. Championship Prospecting

  56. The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur

  57. Butterfly Marketing

  58. Tax Strategies For Business Professionals

  59. Network Marketing Lifestyles Magazine

  60. The Ultimate Online Swipe File

  61. Hypnotic Sales letters

  62. Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords

  63. Adwords123

  64. Benciveda Bullets

  65. Attractor Factor

  66. Landing Page Cash Machine

  67. Million Dollar Manual

  68. Psychological Triggers

  69. Power Recruiting

  70. Crush It

  71. Scientific Advertising

  72. Spiritual Marketing

  73. How I Made My First Million On The Internet

  74. The Four Hour Work Week

  75. The Guru Mastermind

  76. The Altitude Program

  77. Top Grading

By the time you’re done with all these books and courses – don’t be surprised if you’ll be the NEXT Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. You can always come back here and owe your success to this blog post. I would appreciate that my friend. 🙂

To your Success,

vanisidz 4 150x150 New Age Network Marketing.. For Those Who Still Dont Get It!!sign sidz New Age Network Marketing.. For Those Who Still Dont Get It!!