Let’s face it my friend, you may be generating tons of leads online for your MLM business, but if you’re NOT able to communicate properly to your prospects over the phone, you can consider all that a total waste of your time, which is why I have put together for you – my Top 10 MLM Phone Prospecting Tips – which you can start using in your business right away!

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Speech has been one of the most powerful methods of communication. Without words flowing from peoples’ mouths, not much can happen in this world. Whether it be for your business, running a nation, telling someone that you ‘love’ them or just gestures of care for someone, words have this incredible power to move people emotionally. The same applies while you’re building your MLM business. In this post you’re going to learn MLM phone prospecting like never before. Let’s dive right in…

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My 10 MLM Phone Prospecting Tips

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #1.
Overcome ‘Fear Of The Phone’

I remember the first time I had my list out in front of me, and I was literally shivering to make that first call. Yes, everybody goes through phone fears, it’s not something new. Every single MLM marketer has been through it and the only way to over come ‘fear of the phone’ – is by speaking more on the phone – and it’s ok to fail. In fact, this is one of my favorite Michael Jordan quotes:

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” – Michael Jordan

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #2.
Speak Less To More People

Let’s not be too salesy here. The golden rule of MLM phone prospecting is to Speak Less To More People. Sometimes people get so caught up trying to explain to their prospect on all the Features of the opportunity, that the entire conversation prolongs to the point that the prospects gives up and just wants to get away from you. This is the big mistake many MLM marketers do. Keep it simple –  focus on the benefits, speak less to more number of people. Leave the DECISION MAKING ball in their court.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.”

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #3.
Questions Are The Answers

To master MLM phone prospecting, you have to read the book by Allan Pease called Questions Are The Answers. The best way to stay in control of a conversation is by being the one who’s asking the questions. The biggest mistake MLM marketers do is to be the one answering questions like – why their  company is the best, why their products are the best, why their leadership and training systems are the best, and so on..
Your prospect doesn’t care hoots about all those things. The better thing to do while you’re on the phone is to ask them the right questions, such as:

– Why are YOU considering doing a part-time business?
– Do YOU have the time band-width to dedicate 5-10hrs per week for this business?
– What are YOUR top 3 goals in life?
– Are YOU coach-able and willing to learn new things to be successful in this business?
– How much do you know about Online Marketing and lead generation online?
– What are your past experiences in business like this?

The more you ask the right questions to your prospects on the phone, there is a high chance that you’ll understand their needs and a much higher chance of them joining your business.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #4.
Rejections Are Just A Part Of The Game

When somebody says NO – they are not saying no to YOU, but to your opportunity. We have all head the good old 4 SW’sSome Will, Some Wont, So What, Someones Waiting. Rejection is just a part of the game my friend. Here are some examples of top marketers facing rejection:

Mark Yarnell initially invited 200 over to his house for a “launch party”. 80 said no, 50 said yes but didn’t show, 57 said no after seeing the presentation, 13 signed up, 12 of the 13 dropped out/quit and Mark got 1 serious associate that to this day generates over $50k / month in his business.

Bill Britt showed the plan to 1,200 people, 900 said no, 300 signed up, 85 did something, 35 were serious business builders, 11 made him a millionaire.

Rich DeVoss and Jay Van Andel started Amway and recruited 500 people, 495 dropped out, all of the company was built under the remaining 5.

A number one earner in his company, Jett had talked to 2,000 people to recruit 27 in his first month. Of that 27, only 1 really did anything. That 1 man grew his business to the point where half of the entire company in his downline.

So do you get the point…? MLM phone prospecting does involve rejections – the more the NO’s the faster you GROW.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #5.
Create Your Daily/Weekly Call  Schedule

Make a weekly call chart for yourself – where you can allocate a fixed time of the day for your prospecting and followups. My advise would be that you break up your calls into 3 areas:

  1. New Prospeting Calls – 40% of your time should go here
  2. Prospect Follow Up Calls – 30% of your time should go here
  3. Team Mastermind Calls – 30% of your time should go here

mlm phone prospecting

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #6.
It’s OK To Ask People – “If They’re Ready To SIGN UP”

You might have give the BEST presentation about your company, products and compensation plan, but unless you ask your prospect if they’re ready to get started – there is no point of doing all the things that you just did. Here’s what I ask my prospects once they’ve watched the presentation:

  • Hey Joe, now that you’ve seen the presentation – WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT IT?
  • Hey John, I KNOW THAT YOU’RE READY TO GET STARTED – but just curious – WHY do you want to do this business?

The key here is to already image that your prospect is ready to get started. And yes, you will face some objections or excuses – which can be handled very tactfully as explained in the Mike Dillard and Mark Weiser interview on MLM Phone Prospecting.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #7.
Speak As If You Already Have A 7-Figure Bank Account

When you speak to your prospect on the phone – You Really Need To Have A High Self-Esteem – for your conversation to actually convert. People join you for the person you are, and when a prospect see’s your confidence as a person, they get attracted to you. All Top MLM Leaders In The World Have Displayed A Confidence That Attracts People Towards Them. The point here is that you need to image that you’re already a MILLIONAIRE before you actually become one.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #8.
Pretend To Be Busy Always – And You Will

Imagine you get a call from a prospect asking you more about your company – the natural tendency is to get all excited and dump the guy’s brains with all that you have learnt in your network marketing career about your business, products and comp plan. The secret to MLM phone prospecting is to play hard to get. What I mean by this is that whenever a prospect calls you, requesting for more information you can respond in ways like this:

  • Hi Joe, I understand that you want to know more about this business, but I’m a bit busy now closing another person. Can you please call me back in exactly one hour – and I’ll be in a position to help you get started.
  • Hi Anna, it’s great talking to you but I’m just headed into a conference call with my core teamyou can give me a call tomorrow at 11am sharp, coz that’s when I’ll be free to take calls.

The key to effective MLM phone prospecting is in the way you posture yourself on the phone. Always pretend to be busy – and the impression this creates is that you are a leader who’s doing a lot helping people – which is what your ideal prospect is looking for.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #9.
Your Intentions Get Conveyed More Than Just Your Words

 “Before the throne of the Almighty, man will be judged not by his acts but by his intentions. For God alone reads our hearts.” – Mahatma Gandhi

If your intentions to HELP the person become successful is strong deep within you, that automatically get conveyed when you speak to your prospect on the phone. This is more of an internal game which you’ll need to master by practice. When we join a network marketing business, our reasons are more  selfish in nature – but as you learn and get into the mode of giving – your MLM phone prospecting also becomes so much easier and effective.

MLM Phone Prospecting Tip #10.
Your Confidence Is Your Magnet

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale

If there is any secret ingredient in getting successful in MLM Phone Prospecting it’s all about your CONFIDENCE levels. How do you gain confidence in yourself..? Well there are 3 ingredients:

  1. Daily Prospecting – Speaking On The Phone
  2. Daily Learning – Reading, Video & Audio Courses
  3. Associating With Leaders – Attending Company Events & Trainings



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