The World’s Greatest Speech Ever

This is the most inspirational speech I’ve ever seen in a long time,  and it’s like 40 years old or something. A big thanks goes out to Charlie Chaplain and whoever put this particular mix together – this is more relevant TODAY than ever:

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vanisidz 4 150x150 The Worlds Greatest Speech Eversign sidz The Worlds Greatest Speech Ever

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  1. says

    One word – WOAH! This is the most powerful speech I have ever listened to, so far. I felt shivers and goosebumps. By the way, here’s something interesting… Most of us in this generation missed the IMPACT of radio. I was watching a documentary about Mel Blanc the other day and, they describe how radio was a bigger business that television at the time… Radio was solely responsible for creating a mass culture among people. Yes. The television was there too… But, the radio surpassed its influence. Imagine – how the hearts of men, women and countries were transformed by just listening to inspirational, powerful, faceless, “voices”…

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