Make Money OnlineOk, I’m writing this post because I’m going to reveal you exactly what I did to earn $720 in my first month promoting a new business online.

I’m going to write this in a very neutral stand point and you can apply this info to any company or program that you may be promoting.

I don’t intend to be bias to any particular system out there.

Step 1 – Have The Guts & Just Start..

If you’re really serious to make a change in your life.. you’ve got to throw all your fears and ‘analysis paralysis’ side of your brain out of the window and just get started on a credible online money making opportunity.

Like I said, i’m going to be neutral in this post, but there are many opportunities such as:

  • My Online Business Empire
  • Empower Network
  • 20 Minute Pay Day
  • The Six Figures Mentors
  • Internet Lifestyle Network
  • High Traffic Academy
  • My Lead System Pro
  • Lead System Network
  • and more..

Personally I chose the Empower Network for the culture it has, and the comprehensive nature of their product line and upsell options.

If you’re just analysing on what to start with.. you might as well don’t.

Pick any one of the programs that you can resonate with and step on it!

Step 2 – Learn.. Like Never Before & Get All In!

When I first got started with my online business, my first week was completely dedicated to learning. I spent at least 5hrs a day for the first 10 days going thru all the videos, all the trainings, etc inside the system.

I got ALL IN.. mentally, emotionally, and decided that this was it.. I was going to make it in this business no matter what.

The more you know.. the faster you will grow. Simple.

Step 3 – Think About How You Can Stand Out..

As a marketer, you’ve got to be different from your competition, especially if there are thousands of other affiliates promoting the same thing online.

Sit in a quiet place and write down the following:

  • How are you unique?
  • How can you stand out in a crowd?
  • What ideas do you have to strike an emotional chord with your prospect?
  • What’s your unique story?
  • What’s you big and compelling WHY.. reason why you started this business?

Once you have all this written down, then you’ll have a clear plan to positioning yourself differently from the START!

Step 4 – Make Your Non-Negotiable Daily Routine

If you want to make your first $1000 online, you’ve got to work as if this is a ‘life and death’ situation. If you cannot treat your business like a ‘million dollar’ business, then your business will never treat you that way. In other words.. you will never make money online if you don’t have a daily discipline.

Here’s some of the key non-negotiable aspects of your daily routine for the first 30 days:

  • Learn Daily (at least 1hr/day): Personal Growth, Marketing Strategies
  • Produce Daily (at least 4hrs/day): Blog Daily, Send Emails, Make connections on Social Media, Paid Marketing, etc.

Your daily focus MUST be on personal growth and lead generation.. period.

When I started, I decided that I was going to make my first $500 in the first month, no matter what it takes, and wrote my daily routine down. I followed my routine and I ended up making $720.

Step 5 – Take Massive Action.. that’s it!

As cliche as it may sound.. just take massive action on whatever you had planned out. Cut yourself off all the negative people in the world who are really dream-stealers.

Start marketing your product your company, using your unique selling style.

In my case, my unique selling style was blogging. I started blogging like a manic during my first 30 days and shared the heck out into the internet.

Ofcourse, I wrote good content which will cause my readers to read and engage more on my blog.

My Personal Results

I’m writing the 5 steps because it’s worked for me. My results in my first month was that I had earned exactly $720.

Today my blog has gone on to earn $20,055.99 in the last 6 months. Here’s how I did it.. 

Disclaimer: I cannot promise that you will earn the same by blogging. I’ve put in a lot of hard work in making this happen. This is just to show you what’s possible if you put your mind to something.

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