richard bransonEntrepreneurs end up changing the world! While I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs, this one article caught my attention. In fact it was the most-shared article for the day.

The topic is about a question that was asked to Richard Branson on why entrepreneurs sometimes struggle with formal education?

In fact when I was doing my research on this I realised that most of the visionaries have dropped out from formal education to do bigger things. In fact I was so inspired by some of these great entrepreneurs that I ended up writing a post on Are You A WUSS BAG Or A WINNER?

The Entrepreneurs DNA

formal education

After reading the interview, it was clear that entrepreneurs have a different DNA in them.

I believe that the qualities that make for a great entrepreneur — such as boundless energy, a curious nature and, sometimes, an obstinate streak — are not often attributes demonstrated by top students in the classroom. So it should not be very surprising that many of the world’s great entrepreneurs and business leaders had difficulties with formal education.

Entrepreneurs Are Impatient Rebels

Here’s another snippet which I picked from Richard Branson where he clearly mentions that most of the top visionaries are impatient rebels.

Often, their frustration in the classroom was a result of impatience: The greats were eager to get out and build their businesses, which pushed them to drop out of high school or forgo college in order to follow their dreams. For instance, Walt Disney famously dropped out of school at age 16 to found his animation company, while the great American tycoons of the late 19th century — Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Thomas Edison — had little or no formal education before they set out to seek their fortunes.

Some entrepreneurs, including Carnegie and Henry Ford, the 20th century industrialist, came from impoverished backgrounds and did not have the support at home to start — let alone complete — their formal educations. Rather, they set up businesses to make ends meet and eventually flourished.

Entrepreneurs & Learning Disabilities

When I was reading about Thomas Edison, apparently he was rejected from school and was called uneducable. 🙂 Sir Richard Branson also comes from a background of stepping out of formal education due to his learning disabilities.

My learning disability has never been a setback — it actually gave me a great advantage in business, since I have been able to bring a different perspective to problems and challenges, which often enables me to see solutions more clearly. For example, I have always hated jargon, and I am confused by long and wordy drafts of plans. So in Virgin’s early days, I would ask simple questions that others did not. Over the years, asking the simple questions and striving to answer them have become some of Virgin’s most important characteristics.

Which Side Are You On?

Are you the regular person or do you have the entrepreneurs DNA?

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