Shiny Ball SyndromeWhen you read such a headline, you might be wondering what the heck is this ‘shiny ball syndrome’?

Well if you’ve been in the home business industry for a while, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Are are many ‘Junkies’ out there in the ‘home business’ arena, who keep jumping from one opportunity to the next, thinking that it’s the next best thing, a better compensation plan, a better product, a better leadership team, and so on.

What exactly is the ‘Shiny Ball Syndrome’?

fliesI somewhat compare this to ‘flies that get attracted to the bright lights’, which actually is a repellant.

I remember the first time I got into the home business industry, I was all pumped up about my company, the products, the compensation plan and the leadership team. I was all in.. and did everything possible to promote the business in the traditional way.

After a few months of being in the business, my upline calls me one day and says, “Sidz… I want to tell you something exciting? There’s this new deal that’s come in and it’s absolutely amazing! They are just in pre-launch and what’s coming is going to revolutionise the whole industry.. period.”

Now, I thought for a second and felt a bit discouraged at first, because the person whom I had trusted so much shifted his belief from what he had originally instilled in me.

I somewhat felt cheated into believing that the current opportunity, was THE OPPORTUNITY for my life! I’ve always believed in doing things the long term, and when this came by me, I was actually pissed.

I decided to stick, and my upline moved on. The company came in, pre-launch went off very well, the launch went off very well. Thousands of downlines from many other companies moved into this new company. And I was just sitting on the sidelines watching what’s happening.

Sometimes I felt, should I have joined my upline and capitalised on the positioning? Did I make a mistake?

The reason I did not join immediately, was just a ‘gut feeling’ that this opportunity may not do well in my country, though it was extremely successful in the USA and UK. Besides, I did not want to get back to promoting any physical products such as berry juice.

5 months passed… 6 months passed.. 10 months passed.. and something happened!

The company decided to pack their bags, and leave India as it was not the right market for them.

At that moment, I felt really thankful that I did not go where the crowd was going! I did not succumb to the ‘shiny ball syndrome’. 

The ‘Shiny Ball Syndrome’ is:

  • Jumping into a new opportunity because everybody is doing so
  • The feeling that you have to make that jump where the only intention is to make more money
  • Jumping into a new opportunity with the only focus being on the products and compensation plan (without looking at the founders and their intentions)

“The grass is not greener on the other side.
The grass is greener where you pour water in.”

I realised after studying this industry for the last 5 years that, to be successful in a home business requires a lot of dedication, hard work, consistent income producing efforts and a huge commitment to personal growth.

It really doesn’t matter which opportunity you are promoting, the key is in sticking to one and cranking it out for a long enough period of time – that it starts to work on it’s own.

How To Deal With The ‘Shiny Ball Syndrome’

1. Analyse Your Situation – If you are currently promoting a home business and not seeing the results you want, just think with a cool head and analyse why it’s not working for you.

Analyse your efforts, hours going into the business, time spent on income producing activities, income vs expenses in your business on a balance sheet, and your personal learning time.

Once you have all this data, you’ll probably realise that you just have to make a few tweaks in your existing opportunity to see better results. Else you’ll end up doing the same mistakes in your next ‘shiny new’ opportunity.

2. Focus – Now that you know where you lack in your current opportunity, it’s time you put those blinders down and focus on what’s really important for your business. Practically speaking, you need just 2-4hrs of focused blocks of time to see the results you want.

We are in the age of the ‘knowledge worker’ and it’s very easy for us to get distracted while having Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other stuff open on multiple tabs while working on our home business.

This video ‘Wake Up Productive‘ really helped me streamline my day, while building my home business.

3. Take Massive Action – Nothing surpasses focused daily consistent ‘action’. This is the step where people get stuck. You may analyse your situation and make a list of your focus areas, but if you do not act, there is absolutely no use.

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water The Roots

After going thru many ‘shiny ball syndrome’ situations myself in my business over the last few years, I got tired of the run of the mill opportunities. I was genuinely looking for opportunities where the leaders had some ‘heart’ and not just talking about how great their product is.. or how awesome their compensation plan was.

Personally for me.. the Empower Network was such a opportunity which not only helped me understand how to build a solid business online, but also transformed my personal life and my bank balance over the last 7 months.

David Wood is one of the few people on the planet who’s understood how to build a business from the ‘heart’. I can only compare him to Steve Jobs, as he’s truly built a culture that can duplicate… not just a business opportunity.

I can say this with confidence, as I have heard hundreds of ‘successful’ biz oppers over the years and there are only a handful of people who stand out and make a difference.

So if you’re confused and thinking about joining the next BIG DEAL or probably a junkie who wants to be on multiple deals thinking that you can make multiple streams of income simultaneously… trust me.. you’ll be in for some disappointments.

The network marketing and affiliate marketing world has evolved and the only way to create a long-lasting culture that pays you for many years to come is to be consistent on your message, to be focused on your efforts, to really provide value to your market place, and most-importantly “to be connected with a company that first builds a culture”. New products, new features and new comp plans will always come by.

Water the roots on which you are already in (which ever deal you may be promoting), and stay consistent on your ‘ONE’ message to the world and then people till start trusting you more, and buying from you more.

So what you think about this? Share your comments below.

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