The strength of a skyscraper lies in it’s Foundation – the same applies to the world of MLM network marketing. There may be various systems on what one should do as soon as they sign up into a new Network Marketing company, but this video explains the principles on exactly how to set up that very strong foundation for achieving long-term success in this industry.

  1. Treat this as YOUR OWN Business – Your success is directly proportional to your efforts in this industry. So don’t depend on your uplines feeding you with prospects, nor your downlines helping you grow the business forever.
  2. Apply the 5 WHY REASONING Technique – As yourself WHY 5 times, one after another, and you’ll get the exact answer to why you are in the MLM game in the first place. When you find your TRUE Why, there is no stopping you.
  3. Write Your 101 Dreams – This exercise will actually stretch your mind to help you realize all the things you really want in life. Don’t stop till you reach 101 and you’ll see some magic manifesting in your life.
  4. Write Down Your List Of 200+ Contacts – Start with a list of all the people you may know – family and friends. Exhaust your hot and warm market lists as soon as you can – and move on to Internet Marketing and online lead generation.
  5. Write Down A List Of 10 Thing You Do Not Like Right Now…. REVERSE THEM – When you first write all the things that you do not like, you start to accept your current situation. Next when you REVERSE all those points you actually begin to focus on the things that you really WANT in life.

Getting these 5 things done within your first week after joining a new MLM Network Marketing company will give you an upper edge over all the others who’ve been struggling in the industry for years.

Start Living

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