Marketing MistakesThe online marketing arena has evolved over the years. You are either doing things right.. or you are doing things completely the wrong way! Here are 7 Marketing Mistakes you don’t know you’re making…

1. Being Impatient

If you study some of the best marketers out there… their success has not come overnight. Patience is the price that every serious entrepreneur must pay today especially – to see the results. Doing it ten times faster could cost you more than you can imagine. As the saying goes patience pays. 

2. Being Selfish

At the end of the day, the marketers that succeed are the ones that put themselves in the shoes of their prospects. For that to happen, there is no place for selfishness.

3. Being Self-Absorbed

It’s only when you break out of your own world and start thinking about how you can help your prospect, will your business start to move in the right direction. This is like a black-hole. Snap out of your ideas and start thinking about your customer.

4. Being Deceitful

If you are not able to be truthful in your communication with your prospect, then you’re probably selfish. If you are able to sacrifice something now, for a better tomorrow, that would be the best thing to do.

5. Being Inconsistent

Consistency is the key – whether if be blogging, social media marketing, paid marketing or any other form of online marketing. It’s better to be consistent so that your prospects are able to relate to the same voice that your messages carry.

6. Being Angry

Let’s face it.. if you are getting angry that you prospects are not buying stuff from you… there is a high chance that they never will. Take a chill pill, write down your core goals once again – and start with a smile. 🙂

7. Being Jealous

If you find someone better that you.. accept it. The internet has thousands of people who are really good in different things. You best bet is to model the best, and acknowledge those folks who are better than you, with grace.

As Seth puts it, these are not marketing sins, but these are human failings

“Humility, empathy, generosity, patience and kindness, combined with the arrogance of the brilliant inventor, are a potent alternative.”

If there are any marketers that I’ve seen online,
who go against all these 7 mistakes, it’s THEM