learningA beautiful quote I read a few years back was:

“If you want more than you got, you’ve got to become more than you are..” – Jim Rohn

In other words.. you can’t keep doing the same things everyday and expect better results.. 🙂

So learning is very important if you want to live and evolve into a better quality of lifestyle..

So here’s why you MUST learn daily:

  1. By 15mins of reading everyday, you can finish at least 20 books in a year
  2. Knowledge is power. You will get ahead of your competition by just reading or watching some good information daily.
  3. When you have more in your head, you’ll be able to GIVE more to your market..
  4. When you’re able to GIVE more, then you are actually creating VALUE in the market you are in.
  5. The more VALUE you give, the more TRUST and authority you gain.
  6. When people TRUST you, then they will BUY from you (whatever you’re selling). Simple.

So LEARNING is the actual starting point for EARNING more in today’s information age.

Which is one of the main reasons why I’m sticking to the Empower Network as one of my main sources of residual income online.. compared to so many other cash-back models.

It’s simple. It’s my personal preference.

I love leading thru content and what better way to do that than blogging..

Yes, blogging can be tedious at times, but just imagine.. the blogs I wrote 3 years back is still putting in money into my bank account every month… so isn’t it worth the effort?

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