lazy-mlmI was recently doing some research on the MLM industry and I came across some interesting facts that could shock you.

I studied some of the top earners in this industry and went on to also watch their videos, blogs, methodologies and study their daily routine patterns.

Here are some of the people that I studied:

  • Mike Dillard
  • Jonathan Budd
  • David Wood
  • Ray Higdon
  • Rob Fore
  • Tracey Walker
  • Lawrence Tam
  • Tony & Jessica Ruch
  • and more..

What I realised was than most of them were ‘lazy’ at the core and¬†worked so hard that they don’t work long hours in their business anymore.

‘Lazy with a Vision’ vs ‘Lazy without a Vision’

When I say that they are ‘lazy’, it doesn’t mean that they are lazy without a vision, sitting on their couch watching TV and eating potato chips! ūüôā

Lazy without a vision are those people who just while away their time, procrastinate, make big plans but do not take any action in their business.

But the Lazy with a vision category, like the above MLM leaders, are people who work hard so that they can get lazy quickly and do things in a more chill and fun way.

1. Let’s look at Mike Dillard’s Example

After struggling for years in the network marketing industry, sitting on waiting tables, the guy wrote a simple yet amazing ebook called ‘Magnetic Sponsoring’, and then went on to earn millions of dollars online by selling his own information products for the MLM niche.

He’s made far more money than any of those typical traditional MLM leaders who crank it from morning to night on their phones prospecting.

Mike is definitely the ‘fire-starter’ in this MLM niche, when it comes to ‘Attraction Marketing’ and how to prospect without using the phone, but by using efficiently engineered online systems.

Mike Dillard is probably lazying around now sipping orange juice in the Hawaii, while having his online systems work for him on auto-pilot!

2. Let’s look at David Wood’s¬†Example

David WoodDavid Wood would probably be the one guy I know who took Mike’s teachings to heart and really applied it to the level that nobody would have ever thought about.

Mr. Dave had¬†not only topped the income charts in the MyLeadSystemPro system using the ‘attraction marketing’ method back in 2009-10, but went on to start the Empower Network¬†and is now leveraging the internet more than anyone else for this business to grow and run on auto-pilot with the right leadership team and¬†support system.

After studying David Wood very closely, I can affirmatively say that he’s now in a position that he really does not have to do much every day to grow his business.

There’s no doubts that he would have worked his butt off in the last 2 years… but today.. Empower Network has paid over $70 million in commissions to it’s affiliates and thanks to David’s vision, he’s helping a lot more people also get lazy quick. See how he did it

3. Let’s look at Ray¬†Higdon’s Example

Ray HigdonI’ve been following Ray since his initial days in Numis and I must say the he’s one heck of a guy who embodies consistency.

He’s built his visibility and credibility by just using his blog and other simple internet marketing strategies that he actually recruits people into his business on auto-pilot.

Compare this to a traditional MLM leader who’s beating himself up from morning to night on the phone, attending hotel presentations, home meetings, etc.

So Why Do Lazy People Make More Money In MLM?

  1. Because lazy people with a vision are usually smart workers and not hard workers
  2. Because lazy people with a vision are always looking at more effective ways to do things
  3. Because lazy people with a vision cannot afford to waste time
  4. Because lazy people with a vision¬†spend more time on themselves than fulfilling someone else’s agenda
  5. Because lazy people with a vision spend more time on setting up systems than actually working
  6. Because lazy people with a vision want success faster than anyone else
  7. Because lazy people with a vision work so hard, so that they need not work anyone

With all that being said, and after studying all of these Successful Lazy Leaders, I actually found the formula to following in their footsteps.

In fact I tried some of the strategies I got from these lazy MLM leaders, which took me from $0 to $20,055.99 In 7 Months.

So what you think about this concept? Are you a lazy person like me too..? Share your comments below.

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