Here’s the story of a Jaipur lad who went from earning $100/month salary to becoming one of the most successful bloggers in India, who’s been featured on Huffington Post, YourStory and many other top websites.

JITENDRA VASWANI currently lives in Delhi, and has been a huge inspiration to the Indian bloggers community in the recent past, thru his blog BLOGGERSIDEAS.COM.

If you’ve been wondering ‘what it takes to quit your job and make blogging a full-time career’, then this is the podcast for you.

Jitendra comes from a humble background, and turned his ideas into reality within a span of 4 months of hard work and persistence.

When you make Google your best friend, you can learn anything and become anything you want!

Today, Jitendra’s is ranking 5235 on He has multiple streams of income & is launching his own software called SCHEMANINJA & loves traveling around the world!

He values his family more than the big bucks he makes online. He is completely wired into the internet and loves traveling, attending events & networking with top marketers.

I was really inspired after recording this interview with Jitendra and I’m sure that this podcast will motivate thousands of aspiring bloggers to turn their IDEAS into a REALITY thru blogging!

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode

Here are some of the people which Jitendra follows for inspiration:

  • Neil Patel – Jitendra’s Inspiration for Blogging
  • John Chow – Jitendra’s Inspiration for Blogging
  • Lewis Howes – Jitendra’s Inspiration on Personal Branding
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Jitendra’s Inspiration on Personal Branding

Jitendar’s New Product – Schema Ninja