As much as we all talk about traffic, getting leads for our home business and social media tricks, the bottom-line for your success in comes down to managing Your time productively.

Many home business owners spend so much time online learning new tools and methods and they eventually land up in a ‘burn out’ situation where they’re actually NOT seeing the results they’re expecting in their business.

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Here’s the summary.

The 4 productivity killers

  1. Multi-Tasking
  2. Distractions
  3. Friction
  4. Monkey Mind

The 4 productivity boosters

  1. Clean Focus
  2. Pulse: Body Rhythm
  3. Creating Routines of Important Activities
  4. Renewing Yourself

The 4 pillars of your day

  1. Your Customer/Prospect – 40%
  2. Your Conversion/Systems – 20%
  3. Your Content/Value – 10%
  4. Personal Management – 30%

The Morning Ritual – Your hour of Power

  • Drink 1ltr of Fresh Clean Water
  • Exercise – 30mins
  • Meditation/Yoga
  • A Healthy First meal
  • Reading – Inspirational Books

Quick Action Steps For You

  1. Make a list of all your Distractions – Stay away from it
  2. List Your Top 3 Business Activities – Put it into your Routine
  3. Create your own Morning Routine
  4. Do It For 21 Days Straight Without A Break

Follow these actions steps and watch you productivity and results in your home business move up to the next level within 21 days!

Start Living