I remember when I started my online businesses a few years back, it was really exciting and I literally spent hours and hours in exploring new ways to drive traffic, build websites and landing pages, new social media techniques and plugins and more.

But the sad truth is that while I was doing all of that, I was not actually making any money online. I was just being busy but none of that resulted in any tangible income results in my life.

That’s when I got started on the Empower Network, where I learnt the real difference between ‘Income Producing Activities’ and ‘Necessary Activities’.

There are many times where I spent hours together in researching on things which really did not add any value to my business. The only thing that really matters in any business is SALES.

After going thru all the trainings inside the Empower Network, I realised exactly what it takes to build a successful business online. Prior to the Empower Network, I had hardly made any money online. But after I got in and learnt the principles, here’s some income proof.

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