Are you confused on how to choose the right email marketing system for your business?

Having been in the this industry for a while now, I have literally tried and tested a whole bunch of systems over the years and I wanted to share with you some basic concepts before you pick up any email marketing service provider out there.

The Philosophy

Why do you need an email marketing system for your business?

“The Fortune Is In The Followup.”

If you’ve heard this quote before, you’ll know well that nobody every buys from you right on day one.

People today are smarter than you may think and may do tons of research before they make that buying decision.

An email marketing system actually helps you stay in touch, followup and convert that interested prospect into a paying customer.

“The Money Is In The List.”

Every top marketer in the world will say the same thing. The money is in the list.

The more you are able to build your email database, the higher the chance of you being able to monetise this list.

People check emails mutiple times in a day and by having a solid email marketing system, you will have the opportunity to monetise in multiple ways.

“People Buy From You Only When They Trust You.”

Email marketing is one of the best ways that you can followup and build a relationship with your readers.

Once you’ve built that trust, people will actually start buying from you.

Why Email Marketing

There are several reasons why you need to have a proper email marketing system and strategy for your business. Here’s some:

  1. Helps you track stats (Open Rates and Click Thru Rates)
  2. Helps you build relationships with your readers
  3. Helps you make more money by promoting products or services
  4. Helps you build an authority over a period of time

3 Types Of Email Lists

Fundamentally, there are 3 types of email lists.

  1. Cold List – This is the kind of list there you would normally buy from some bulk email provider. Email open rates in such lists are only 1-2%.
  2. Warm List – A warm list is where people actually opt-in to your email system. It’s a permission based system. Email open rates in warm lists vary from 10% to even 30%, depending on your content, subject line and timing.
  3. Buyers List – This is the best type of list. A list where people have actually done some form of business with you. Email open rates in Buyers lists go even upto 70-80%. This is because these folks have done business with you and have that trust.

By using a professional email marketing system, you will be able ot segregate the warm and buyers lists separately and communicate with them in an effective way.

Types Of Email You Can Send

In order to build that rapport and relationship with your readers you can send different types of emails:

  1. Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
  2. Marketing Offers, which are sales oriented
  3. Information Emails, talking about your product or service
  4. Surveys
  5. Event Invitations
  6. Social Media Redirects or promotions to your social media channels

With a proper email marketing system, you’ll have the ability to correspond with your readers in multiple ways, to ultimately convert that lead into a sale.

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing System

Before purchasing your next email marketing system, make sure you evaluate the following parameters:

  • It’s not just about the pricing
  • Track record in the industry
  • Email Deliverability rates
  • Quality of Customer Service
  • Quality of Education & Training
  • Easy of Use (User-Friendliness)
  • Templates & Web Form Design Features
  • List Management and Segmentation Features
  • Automation & Intelligence. Example: RSS to Email, etc.

Conclusion – My Favourite System

Based on all the testing I’ve done over the years in various systems, my favourite email marketing system is GETRESPONSE.

10 reasons why I choose GetResponse over many other competitors is:

  1. Really simple and easy to use
  2. Excellent email deliverability rates (it does not go to the junk folders)
  3. Fantastic 24/7 customer support
  4. Gorgeous web forms and templates to choose from
  5. Simple and functional email list management
  6. Email to RSS automation feature
  7. Reall cool iPhone App
  8. In-built Landing Page Designer and Webinar System
  9. Quality education & training platform
  10. 30-Day FREE Trial (Without Credit Card)



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