If you want to be successful in your online business, you’ve got to be WRITING GREAT CONTENT! And to have great content you need to take a completely different approach combined with the right skills: Copywriting, Marketing, and more…

Here’s a power packed interview of Michael A. Stelzner (Mike Stelzner), the founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com. Less than two years ago, Mike founded SocialMediaExaminer.com. The site helps business owners find answers to their social media questions by providing free content. Today, SocialMediaExaminer.com has 87000+ email subscribers, 48000+ Facebook fans, and has helped make Mike a millionaire during the Great Recession.

With Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, Mike Stelzner has created just that book. It is about writing great content!

Mike sat down to talk with Stefanie about Launch, about great writing, and about how any business can start a movement and be profitable using free content to fuel rapid growth.

If you think of your business as a rocket ship, your goal is to navigate this complex piece of machinery into a new frontier. The way you do that is by focusing on the needs of people.

At their core, everybody wants access to great information, access to great people, and they want recognition. Providing and writing great content that meets one of these needs can really help a business grow.  An easy way to understand this is through a formula I put together called the Elevation Principle: Writing Great Content  + Other People – Marketing Messages.”

writing great content

Examples of writing great content are ‘how to’ articles, success stories of others, reports, and white papers. I also really recommend focusing on experts in your space and providing great knowledge from their brain to your audience. Experts are not only great sources of content but are potential strategic relationships to help grow your business.

I’m sure by the time go through the whole interview here, you’ll definitely start writing great content!

To learn more about Mike Stelzner and to receive a completely and totally FREE copy of the first chapter of Launch, run (don’t walk) on over to elevationprinciple.com

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