Herbalife ReviewHey guys, you’ve landed on this page because you want to know an honest third party Herbalife Review and exactly what it’s all about. We’ll take a look at some customer comments and explore both the cons and pros.

Herbalife Review Fact: Herbalife has really made a name for itself as a company. They have built an international multi-level marketing business and the product is distributed by independent people.

The company name being popular stems from top-quality marketing and sponsorship of fitness and athletics. They promote whole body health and healthy lifestyle management.

The Herbalife Weight Management Program includes shakes, vitamins and snacks that you incorporate into your weight loss routine. The programs are designed around protein intake and “Cellular Nutrition,” and they help you customize your diet for the most effective weight loss. (Herbalife Review)

Herbalife Review: Product Claims

Herbalife bases it’s claims on the fact that an increase protein in the diet can accelerate weight loss. They offer the fact that this is proven in clinical research, which is true. They have engineered their line of weight loss products around the idea that if you increase the protein in your diet, you will crave sugars and fats less.

In this Herbalife review I wanted to specifically say that the company also preaches whole body health and healthy lifestyle. They let the consumer know right off the bat that you must include healthy foods, increased fluids and exercise as a part of their weight loss program.

Herbalife Review Fact: The only detail that needs to be exposed is that they do claim you need to buy all of the Herbalife products as they are designed to work together. You can of course, buy the product all you want from an independent distributor but expect them to attempt to recruit you into sales offering discounts on the product.

What happens if you stop taking Herbalife?

In this Herbalife review I wanted to say that if you stop taking Herbalife for what ever reason you are more than likely going to go back to the shape you were before unless you apply what you have learned from the regime to everyday life. If you stop taking Herbalife products and do not apply anything you have learned, you will surely return to the size you were before.

Is Herbalife bad for you?

No, Herbalife is not bad for you. When they search for a meal replacement, many people ask this question. The truth is Herbalife is actually really good for your health.

Is Herbalife FDA approved?

Herbalife is a meal replacement product in the form of shakes. In the 1980’s, the FDA did run a few tests and they found that Herbalife met all of their safety checks.

Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

Herbalife Review Fact: The Herbalife shakes average about $30 per can and are about a 30-Day supply. For about a month on Herbalife using multiple products you can spend about $75 to $100 or more.

You can sometimes find these products sold directly on Amazon by independent distributors which may prevent the nightmare of someone trying to recruit you. Usually, recruitment happens by area distributors that invite you to their home for a “presentation” on sales for the company. But, shopping for things like these on the internet does not protect you and you may not be able to return the product for a refund.

Learn how to recruit people into your Herbalife Business on auto-pilot

Herbalife Review Fact: The company itself does offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for a full refund. You can either contact your independent distributor or the company directly to return the product. Remember, if you did not go through an independent distributor, you may not be able to return the product to the company. Be wary of internet sales in this case.

Herbalife Review by Users

“Herbalife really works. i replaced 2 meals with my shake/protein, eat fruits or. vegies for snacks, eat soup or salads for dinner and take 30 minutes walk everyday is all it takes. the energy tea is a must have for me. thanks. herbalife. , if you do it right it really works.. i used non fat milk, if youre. using regular milk than ur wasting your time.” – Vai.

“I use Herbalife products every day. If you want more information contact. me(ritikaburhmi5@gmail.com) Unlike the constipation sufferer my GI, skin & hair and energy levels have never been better. I have a better body shape and. I love Herbalife products. All of them without exception. so happy with my total well-being now.” – Rikita.

“yeah pretty good stuff. I don’t know why people are complaining about the. price. Usually people spend about 50-100 on snacks, lunch for work, breakfast. etc on top of their groceries, so I was actually saving money.” – Stuart.

Herbalife Review: Conclusion

Herbalife is a good sound company that makes good healthy products. The fall back is that it is multi-level marketing, so be careful of sales pitches to join the company and sell the product, unless you learn how to recruit on auto-pilot.

Herbalife Review Fact: As for the weight loss program, the products are healthy and all-natural. You can either choose to do only shakes or use them to supplement a healthy diet. The choice is entirely up to you and how much money you want to spend Their weight loss program is designed to be self-tailored to your needs and choices and not at all strict, but effective.

Your Herbalife distributor can advise you of the different diet plans and teach you how to use the product. Be careful of any sales pitches here. The program can either be really expensive or very affordable depending on how much you decide to buy. Herbalife is a meal replacement product in the form of shakes. For about a month on Herbalife using multiple products you can spend about $75 to $100 or more. (Herbalife Review)

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