Before I start writing this post I want to make a quick income disclaimer that just because I went from $0 to $20,055.99 using this blog in the last 7 months doesn’t promise that you will be able to do so, because there’s been a lot of hard work, dedication, leadership and consistent learning and implementation.

This is only to show you what’s possible and I wanted to openly share with you exactly what I did to get to this level stage by stage.

Step 1: I chose a credible offer to promote.

If you really want to make money long term on the internet, you’ve got to have a credible product to promote as an affiliate. After reviewing several systems over the years, I chose my primary income generating vehicle as the ‘Empower Network’. So why did i choose Empower Network out of all other systems:

  1. I loved their viral blogging system
  2. I could completely resonate with David Wood and David Sharpe and later on realised what an amazing system they have actually put together.
  3. The system pays close to 100% commissions
  4. The Inner Circle is one of the best investments I’ve made to up my game personally
  5. The quality of the advanced training products are phenomenal
  6. I’m able to wire money back into my account here in India seamlessly, every week
  7. I realised that the quality of this community is far superior than any others that I have been a part of online

With these reasons and many more, I decided to pick Empower Network as my primary opportunity.

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Step 2: I got plugged into a good team

As it’s said, systems make it or break it when it comes to making money online quickly. There are many teams within the Empower Network, and thankfully my sponsor was a part of the iPas Prosperity Team, which is one of the fastest growing teams within the Empower Network online.

Even though EN might be a great product, still, you’ll need to have a proper team and system to be plugged into so that you have well duplicating downlines and so that even your downlines can duplicate easily.

The min advantages of being a part of the ‘Prosperity Team’ is that everything is done for you. You just need to plugin and start following their steps in marketing.

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Step 3: I started learning more about Traffic & Conversions

Initially when I started blogging, I was just writing articles and posts without much direction on my objectives. I did not know where to go for good quality traffic. I did not know much about Paid Traffic methods.

Once I got plugged into EN and the Prosperity team, I started to lean more about the free and paid traffic methods and started to experiment on different traffic sources. From some sources, I started to generate more quality leads, and then I slowly started to see my conversions increasing.

The whole purpose of the Empower Network is to give you the tools and resources so that you learn and then earn at the same time.

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Step 4: I started focusing more on my personal growth

As I kept attending all the trainings and modules online, I realised that a huge part of my success depended  on how much value I add to myself, and in turn share that knowledge to the world outside.

I started reading every, hearing audios everyday and also watching videos which used to inspire me to take actions and be constantly in a state of momentum.

I always knew that ‘Leaders are Readers’, and this is something that every top earner on the internet does – read for at least 30mins to 1hr daily.

The more I focused on my personal growth, I could magically see even my income slowly going up, due to value that I was creating to myself and the marketplace.

No wonder it’s called the Empower Network. 🙂

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Step 5: I started sharing my small successes

If you have been following me, you would have seen some videos of my where I share my first $2000 day, my first $3000 day and more. I realised that people don’t take you seriously unless you have some results to showcase.

And the more I started to show my small successes online, I started to attract more people into my business on a daily basis.

So this is that lead me gradually to earn over $20055.99 in the last 7 months online.

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Summary – Final Thoughts

Yes, it does take a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this point, and a lot of tough challenges to overcome.

All I can say confidently is that if you decide to give it all you got, and if you put your mind into it like no one else.. and go that extra mile to make it happen.. it will!

I believe in you and I know that you have a great power within you to create far more results than me in your business.

All it requires is the guts to START.

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