You may ask what’s attraction marketing? Well… from the moment you wake up in the morning, brush your teeth and drive to your work you will notice that you’re actually bombarded by ads at every stage.

When you open the newspaper you see ads, when you pick up your box of corn flakes you see ads on the box, when you drive out to work the whole way you are shown ads all the way till you reach your office.

Then when you login to your system and open your gmail, you see ads. When you browse through your favourite websites you see ad banners.

We are now living in a world that filled with ads and sometimes is so much that we tend to become numb to advertising. We really do not react to ads anymore.

That’s where attraction marketing comes in…

Attraction Marketing has a bright future..

attraction marketingSince people are so numb to all that marketing noise… a new generation of marketers are now evolving. These are scientific marketers who understand peoples’ psychology and then market in a way by which their prospects come to them, irrespective of where they are.

Attraction Marketing is where you don’t chase your prospect everywhere… but rather your prospect will chase you down and buy from you.

But there is a science to this.. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Key Factors For Successful Attraction Marketing

  1. You need to have the eye of a direct-response marketer. Basically get into the shoes of your prospect and think about what can really solve their problem.
  2. Based on your prospects’ needs you create and scientifically engineer a complete marketing funnel which helps solve their problem.
  3. Then you start generating valuable and free content which pre-frames your prospect to eventually buy from you.
  4. Your product needs to be so good that it should sell by itself. That’s success in Attraction Marketing.
  5. Use stories to sell, not facts.

When an iPhone is launched… people actually stand in queues to buy the phone. Now that’s a classic example of ‘attraction marketing’.

I love most of Apple’s ads, because they hardly ever directly sell to you. All those ads do is to plant an emotion in you, where you feel that you have to buy their products no matter. They usually do not talk about the features that much… but more about the stories around how that gadget came into being.

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