Let’s face it.. there are more new MLM companies being launched today, than any other time in history and this really adds to the confusion that many marketers face. This forces most of the people into the group of MLM Hoppers, who have hopes and dreams but no real money flowing into their bank.

Quit Working Someday

The really successful MLM Marketers have been those who’ve stuck to ONE opportunity, and worked hard in it for a very long period of time – with clean focus.

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In contrary, the ones that don’t make it are those who always keep seeing the greener grass in another company… and jumping one after another like Mr. Frog. It really does not work. 🙂

Whatever may be the case… it’s very important that you stick to one good company for at least 4-5 years to see the results and leverage.

This comes down to the point of evaluating and deciding on the right company for you. So..

The 5P’s For Choosing The Right MLM Company

PEOPLEAsk yourself these questions about the Founders
– Do the founders of the company have prior experience in this industry or not? If so, have they been successful or not?
– Do they have a long term vision about the company?
– Are they down to earth people without any bloated egos?
– Do they really care about their reps? Do they follow business ethics?
– Do they come from a past that is clean and virtuous?
– Do they use negative tactics to get to #1 in their respective market?

In most cases, it’s really easy to read between the lines and find out what the founders’ true motives are. Better stick to those companies which have the GENUINE-AT-HEART people on the top.

PRODUCT – Ask yourself these questions regarding the product
– Will you use the product extensively even if you are not doing the MLM business?
– Is this a product that stands out in the market – or unique?
– Are the products’ unique proposition points really worth it – in your gut feeling?
– Will you be able to promote the product freely to anyone you meet without feeling ashamed or guilty?
– Are the products really giving results or just a bunch of hype?
– Is your product a one-time payment or a monthly repurchase?
– If monthly-repurchase, will you be able to afford it – paying out month on month?

The big debate is physical vs digital products. In my personal preference, I would go with digital products such as blogging platforms and online marketing tools. But if you are a health freak and in to fitness – then you would probably go with companies like ViSalus, Monavie, Herbalife or Amway.

POSITIONING – Ask yourself these questions when it comes to positioning:
– Is the company ahead of the trends or not?
– Are the products suited for the current generation or the baby boomer generation?
– Is the company capable of distributing products or services to a world-wide market without any glitches?

PLANAsk yourself these questions when it comes to the comp plan.
– Binary or Sunflower?
– Repurchase or One-Time Payment?
– How high is the payout ceiling?
– Does taking multiple business centers work better or just one?
– Is the comp plan rewarding for the kind of efforts that you will be putting in?
– On a P&L balance-sheet, which side will you be on, truthfully?
– Do you have the ability to get paid by sponsoring anyone from any part of the world?
– Does the plan make you rich or the company rich?

Here’s a system that I came across that’s paying 100% commissions.

– Are the products something which is really worth every penny?
– Does the pricing make it’s competition nervous?
– Is the price affordable to the common man in your city or country?

Once you make sure that all these 5 pillars are strong enough, YOU HAVE FOUND YOUR RIGHT COMPANY!

Stick with it for at least 5 years and you’ll start seeing the $$$$$$ flow in!


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