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The Power Of One Man’s Dream – Walt Disney

One of my greatest heroes is Walt Disney. While I was in Disney World a few months back, I was observing how this one man’s dream has manifested into something truly amazing. While I was reading up on Walt Disney’s life,… Continue Reading →

What It Felt Like Meeting Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Today is one of the most memorable and magical days of my life… September 21st, 2014. I got to spend quality time with the multi-millionaires and best-selling authors of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. In… Continue Reading →

Richard Branson’s Views On College Drop-Out Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs end up changing the world! While I was browsing through one of my favourite blogs, this one article caught my attention. In fact it was the most-shared article for the day. The topic is about a question that was… Continue Reading →

Start A Home Based Business & Work In Your Pajamas

Are you looking for a serious home based business? Did you know that there are thousands of people who are quietly working from home and building their dream lifestyle? If you dig this kind of life, then you’ll find this… Continue Reading →

Why Dreamers End Up Changing The World

Today.. I realised the power of having a ‘dream’.  I experienced the magic of one man’s imagination.. that has created a completely mind-blowing world here in Disney World..Just like ‘Walt Disney’… everyone has a dream.. but it’s only that 1% of… Continue Reading →

My Big Vision For INDIA & Beyond

When Mahatma Gandhi started the freedom movement.. there were ONLY A FEW ‘rebels’ who bought into his vision… And today… it’s history!When the United States of America was formed.. there were ONLY A FEW ‘rebels’ who decided to make that… Continue Reading →

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