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How To Prepare For The Next Decade When The Robots Take Over

I was a big fan of the movie The Matrix & Terminator, and thought that these were just fantasy movies, until I started noticing some recent developments! Did you know that the International Federation of Robotics said that the number of… Continue Reading →

3 Ways To Know If You’re A Fake Entrepreneur Or Not

What is a fake entrepreneur? Does it feel good to call yourself an entrepreneur? Do you have posters of Steve Jobs on your wall and inspired to create a dent in the universe? Well… that’s how the journey starts, but… Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Develop Your Digital Persona?

This post on digital persona was an idea which came into my head while I was in the shower. I realised that people today are literally living 2 lives – in the physical realm and in the digital realm. When… Continue Reading →

Why Most People Today Hate Receiving Calls (That Includes Me)

Do you dread receiving calls? Do you sometimes get angry when another human calls you? There’s actually a psychology behind this syndrome. Don’t worry too much… these symptoms are completely natural in the age in which we are living in…. Continue Reading →

You Will Be Amazed How Mark Zukerberg Runs Facebook

Zuckerberg recently posted the first ever live video straight from the FB headquarters. While he talks about the work culture at FB he casually introduces us to his desk. Yes, his desk. Not a huge cabin decked with the latest… Continue Reading →

11 Best Books For Entrepreneurs Inspiration

If you’ve been looking for the best books for entrepreneurs, here’s a pretty cool list of book which can give you some inspiration. Entrepreneurship is a journey and especially if you’re starting off, it’s really important that you get the right… Continue Reading →

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