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How To Improve Writing Skills For Email, Social Media & Web

How to improve writing skills? Words are the basis of everything in life. And writing is this unique ability to put words in order. Copywriting is one of the highest paid professions on the internet today, and there’s a growing demand… Continue Reading →

10 Twitter Growth Hacks To Explode Your Followers Count

Do you want to explode your twitter influence? Here are 10 quick twitter growth hacks that can help you. When I started off on Twitter many years back, I never understood why over 20k followers started following me, but when I… Continue Reading →

What’s Content 4.0 And Why You Need To Read This Post

In a world filled with digital noise, content is slightly taking a different shift of things. Here’s a really cool infographic by Ignition, which I thought you might find useful if you’re into content writing. Different Eras Of Content Content… Continue Reading →

21 Incredible Facebook Advertising Facts

With over a billion people logging in everyday, Facebook advertising has become the hottest thing on the planet for brands and small businesses. Having said that, Facebook generates more revenue than any other social network… period. This really cool article I found… Continue Reading →

Harness The Power Of Visual Marketing

Do you really want to harness the power visual marketing? A picture speaks a thousand words and this is the future. If you’re a business who’s looking to stand out from the crowd, having a solid visual appeal can be key to… Continue Reading →

49 Tips To Get More Retweets

If you’re an active twitter user, you’ll know how important getting retweets actually is. Here’s a really cool article I stumbled upon recently with 49 data proven tips on getting more retweets on your twitter account. Here’s The Top 25 Ask for it…. Continue Reading →

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