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50 Different Ways To Skyrocket Your Brand Even In The Worst Of Economies

Are you looking to skyrocket your brand online in the next few months? Consider how you could get your product or brand in the Halloween spirit, not just by putting a few pumpkins in front of your office, but by… Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Develop Your Digital Persona?

This post on digital persona was an idea which came into my head while I was in the shower. I realised that people today are literally living 2 lives – in the physical realm and in the digital realm. When… Continue Reading →

Why Color Psychology Is Extremely Important For Business Success

Did you know that just by understanding color psychology, you have the potential to boost your sales? Colors radiate energy and different colors can cause different emotions to sprout out while people are engaging with them. Kissmetrics, a really cool analytics company,… Continue Reading →

How To Use Snapchat Without Getting Too Confused

Have you been looking for a tutorial on how to use SNAPCHAT without getting too confused? Well.. I too was in that confused state for a long time until I decided to break thru my fears and just learn the… Continue Reading →

56 Social Media Tools To Boost Your Business

Are you too confused on which social media tools to use for your business? Honestly, there are tons of them out there in the market, and many of them have different purposes. To effectively manage your social media channels, you… Continue Reading →

Google+ Comes Back To Life With A New Interface!

Just when you thought Google+ was about to die, something interest happened on 17th November, 2015. Yes,  was long overdue for a major overhaul of their social networking platform, and it came at the right moment. “Today, we’re starting to… Continue Reading →

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