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12 Golden Rules For Startup Success

Startup success is the buzz word across the entrepreneurship world! It’s always exciting to ‘start’ a business, it’s easy to ‘stop’ it, but the magic is in ‘maintaining’ and running it successfully. In the last few years of running a startup,… Continue Reading →

How To Influence People To Purchase Your Products Online

Are you looking to influence people to purchase your products online? There’s a different psychology when it comes to selling stuff on the internet. But before that, you’ll need to first understand who exactly is your buyer is.. as well as get… Continue Reading →

9 Reasons Why Personal Branding Is Important For Your Business

Never underestimate the power of personal branding – or in other words, putting yourself on the forefront of your business. People buy from people – not necessarily because of the company or product. I’ve seen a lot of business owners who… Continue Reading →

10 Ways To Screw Up Your Online Home Business

So you’re trying to run a business from home online and want to live that life of freedom and flexibility? In my honest opinion, as much as it’s made to seem easy in most of the sales pitches, here’s my… Continue Reading →

12 Magical Steps To Get People To Drool & Buy Your Stuff

Do you find it difficult to sell stuff online as an information marketer? Here’s 12 magical steps, if applied correctly, can take your sales figures through the roof! Capture Attention Create Rapport Gain Credibility Target Problem Give Solution Create Expectation… Continue Reading →

5 Ways I Compress Time To Get More Done

A beggar and a millionaire have the same 24 hours in a day. The only difference is “what” they do with the time they have in their hands. Here I talk about the 5 things that I do consistently on a… Continue Reading →

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