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The Journey Of Entrepreneurship, A Book & Impacting Business Growth

Was a brilliant interview with my good friend, mentor and author of the International Best-Selling book “Lead or Bleed”! We dive into his personal story… of how he used to sell video games in his dad’s retail store as a… Continue Reading →

How One Defining Event Changed The Course Of My Life & Business

For the first time… this man has opened up his personal story of struggles and success to the outside world. For me, it has been the most exhilarating 40mins. Surendran is the founder of Success Gyan, which is India’s #1… Continue Reading →

How To Logically Use Astrology To Engineer Your Massive Success

Astrology is an ancient science which helps people make the right decisions based on the planetary positions at the time of one’s birth. But sadly, this Vedic science has either lost its value or people have misconceptions about its effectiveness,… Continue Reading →

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