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15 Ways To Promote Your New Blog Post

Just publishing your blog post is not enough. Here’s 15 things you can do, which can help your blog get instant visibility. These 15 points were originally written by my mentor David Wood on his blog and I’ve just repurposed his… Continue Reading →

Mindblowing Blogging Stats [Infographic]

Blogging is the future. This infographic shared by Ignite Spot shows you some interesting statistics about blogging. 23% of Internet time spent on blogs and social networks. 77% of Internet users read blogs. 97% of companies that blog have 97% more… Continue Reading →

How To Make Money Blogging About What You Love

Have you been searching on google on “how to make money blogging”? Well, if your answer has been a YES, then I have some quick tips for you in this post, which can help you get started on the right… Continue Reading →

10 Most Costly Blunders SEO-Guru Neil Patel Ever Made

Haven’t heard of Neil Patel? Well he’s kind of a big deal in the SEO world, who’s helped websites increase their traffic multifold! While I was going thru some of his blog posts, I stumbled across this really interesting article where he… Continue Reading →

What’s Your Blog Really Worth?

For most business, blog sites are marketing tools. And while many put in the time to determine their ROI from other marketing avenues, I’m surprised by how lots of do not truly understand how their blog is (or is not)… Continue Reading →

6 Steps To Everlasting SEO Success

SEO is a very complex online marketing/traffic generation strategy. It most definitely has more variables than other strategies and that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. There is always something to discuss when it concerns SEO, something brand-new to find out or… Continue Reading →

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