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100 Lessons From Neil Patel After 10 Years Of Blogging

Blogging is the future! So you must be wondering, ‘who the heck is Neil Patel’? Unless you have been living under a rock, here’s someone who’s literally been idolized and one of the youngest millionaires in the blogosphere. He was… Continue Reading →

Market Samurai Review 2016 – Top Keyword Research Tool

Hi, here’s a Market Samurai review video for you. Are you looking for the right keyword tool to shortlist your top keywords for your business? I have been using Market Samurai for over a year now and wanted to share… Continue Reading →

181 Most Amazing Blog Headlines That Will Get You More Clicks

Blog headlines are like a grease slide. It’s the best way to get your readers interested in your content! You may write all the amazing content in the world in your post, but if you do not have an attention-grabbing headline,… Continue Reading →

How To Make Your Blog Graphics Really Awesome

The first impression is the lasting impression, even when it comes to your blog graphics! Whether you like it or not people judge your blog by the way it looks and by the way you have organised your content. Here’s… Continue Reading →

What’s Content 4.0 And Why You Need To Read This Post

In a world filled with digital noise, content is slightly taking a different shift of things. Here’s a really cool infographic by Ignition, which I thought you might find useful if you’re into content writing. Different Eras Of Content Content… Continue Reading →

How Do Bloggers Make Money – 10 Proven Ways

Looking to know how do bloggers make money? Here’s a short video that I’ve recorded for you, which will not only give you 10 different ways to monetise, but also some cool tips on shortening your learning curve to make blogging a full time… Continue Reading →

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