Blog TrafficGetting blog traffic is one of the major challenges that online marketers face in spite of there being innumerable ways to do this. So in this post we’ll look at some simple ways to increase your blog traffic for FREE!

To get a steady and consistent traffic into your site, you need to put in a lot of hard work.. It’s a process, as is everything related to building a successful business online. Increasing blog traffic is not difficult, but you want to make sure you are using the strategies that can get you the best results.

2 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

1. SEO Optimisation:

The first step in increasing blog traffic is having your website search engine optimized. So, don’t waste your time trying one hundred and one methods to increase blog traffic.. This is one area where many online marketers fall short, and just a few quick adjustments can make a significant change in your site rankings.

If you optimize your blog for the search engines appropriately and strategically, you’ll find you’ll be able to increase blog traffic at a much easier and rapid pace.

2. Long Tail Keywords:

Your objective must be to use long tail keywords to drive drive traffic into your blog. Long tail keywords are phrases that are longer and the exact keyword phrases that attract specific visitors.

To increase blog traffic, begin by going after long tail keyword phrases that are easier to rank for. Ensure that each and every page of your blog has a specif call-to-action along with search engine optimization for your chosen long tail keyword phrases.

These two important steps should be taken before any other traffic driving strategy. That will help your blog establish itself with the major search engines resulting in higher page rank results.

Other Blog Traffic Tips

– Call To Action: Just as important as increasing blog traffic is converting blog traffic with a specific call to action. Without a strong call-to-action, increasing blog traffic is useless. So make sure every page and post has a call to action that moves your visitors one step closer to opting in, subscribing, or purchasing from you.

– Competitor Analysis: The next step is to look for ways to tap into your competitor’s blog traffic. Look for top sites related to your niche that you can leave comments on, create trackbacks, or even become a guest blogger on. These are all very effective ways to raise your page rank and increase blog traffic.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article, there are a limitless number of ways to increase blog traffic. Do not neglect the power of search engine optimization because without it, any marketing methods you use will only be made less effective. If you are not taking advantage of specific long tail keyword phrases, you’re missing out on a lot of free blog traffic.

Other methods for increasing blog traffic include article marketing, social media marketing, and video marketing. Optimize the title of your article or video to increase views of your keyword phrase and create backlinks to your blog by adding content to these sites.

As you can see, many online marketing strategies work because they leverage search engine optimization. That’s why keyword research is the most important step you can take toward increasing blog traffic.

My advice to you would be to optimize your blog posts and specific phrases in every page and add a strong call to action. The ability to convert sales thorugh attracting more visitors into your blog is the key.

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