Best Paid Traffic
If you’ve been looking for the best paid traffic sources online, then this post will give you all the information you’ll need.

Personally, I have been marketing online for over 4 years now and have literally bought all that you can image online from push button traffic software, to SEO plugins, to blackhat tricks.

At the end of the day I realised that while I was spending so much of time on investing on these ‘get rich quick’ type of tools, I totally missed the point of marketing, which is, solving a problem in the market place. I got too busy with the tech that I neglected the human aspect of marketing.

Before you go out to look for the best paid traffic sources online the first thing you need to get in line is building a story around your business and having a solid product to promote before you even test out these paid traffic sources.

Best Paid Traffic Resources

After doing a bit of research I have listed below a few of the best paid traffic website which you could use for your paid marketing.

1. Ad Brite –

2. PlentyOfFish –¬†

3. ClickSor –

4. Google Adwords –

5. Aim4Media –

6. ZEDO –

7. DirectCPV –

8. Ad Marketplace –

9. Chikita –

10. Pulse 360 –

11. AOL Advertising –

12. Yahoo Search Marketing –

13. Lead Impact –

14. JEMA Media –

15. TLV Media –

16. Trellian –

17. LookSmart –

18. Kontera –

19. Microsoft Ad Center –

20. Harren Media –

21. Meta Network –

22. Casale Media –

23. Burst Media –

24. Facebook Ads –

25. Twitter Ads –

26. Buy Sell Ads –

Well the above us just a few of the best paid traffic sources, but there are many more out there which you can find.

Why Buy Paid Traffic?

There are two ways I look at traffic. Paid and Free. With free traffic you end up paying for it by time. In most free traffic methods such as social media posting, blogging, etc. the time it takes for you start generating a sizeable about of traffic can take from 2 months to 6 months based on how well you optimise your web pages.

But with paid traffic you can literally buy traffic and drive them to your website on demand.

What Next – Want Best Paid Traffic Training?

A lot of what I have learnt about paid traffic and how well to use them to drive quality sales online is something that I learnt in the Empower Network’s 15k Formula Course.

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