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Siddharth Rajsekar

6 Mindset Hacks Of The Financially Free

Financial free people operate in a certain way and the best way to achieve financial freedom is to model them. While I was doing research on this topic, I came across this really cool infographic put together by Mindvalley, by far… Continue Reading →

How To Prepare For The Next Decade When The Robots Take Over

I was a big fan of the movie The Matrix & Terminator, and thought that these were just fantasy movies, until I started noticing some recent developments! Did you know that the International Federation of Robotics said that the number of… Continue Reading →

From $100,000 In Debt to Financial Freedom & Impacting People’s Lives

Here’s someone who turned his “mess” into a “message”!! Just interviewed the amazing Mac Attram – one of the most inspiring people I know. While I’ve seen him impacting the lives of thousands of people during the Millionaire Mind Intensive… Continue Reading →

The Journey Of Entrepreneurship, A Book & Impacting Business Growth

Was a brilliant interview with my good friend, mentor and author of the International Best-Selling book “Lead or Bleed”! We dive into his personal story… of how he used to sell video games in his dad’s retail store as a… Continue Reading →

How One Defining Event Changed The Course Of My Life & Business

For the first time… this man has opened up his personal story of struggles and success to the outside world. For me, it has been the most exhilarating 40mins. Surendran is the founder of Success Gyan, which is India’s #1… Continue Reading →

From Street Racing To Digitally Driving Profits Of Fortune 500 Companies

In this episode, we get into the story of Avijit Singh Arya, who’s one of the top 100 Icons in the Digital Marketing world. He’s been featured on NDTV as a social media expert and runs InternetMoguls, one of the… Continue Reading →

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