Valuable Blog ContentIf you really want to get noticed in all that noise on the internet, you need to build a platform that makes you sustain long term. The internet has thousands of bloggers and content writers, but only a few stand out – and they stand out for ONE reason only – writing quality content continuously which is beneficial to it’s readers; and Chris Brogan is a fine example who’s doing that.

Out of his 97 tips, here’s my top 20 list:

  1. What are you passionate about? What is useful to others? These two thoughts combined are your best bet at defining your platform.
  2. Get in the habit of writing daily, even if you don’t post daily. Start with 200 words. Then 300. The current best bet for a blog post’s length is between 300-500 words. You can get that.
  3. People always worry about how often or rarely they should post. The answer is “how often do you have something worthy of tapping into my attention?” Do it that often.
  4. No matter what other tools you use, make sure you have a website that is your “home base.” Everything else is an outpost. You can spend more time on the outposts, but your goal is to encourage a visit to the home base for a furthering of the relationship.
  5. Think of ways to “chunk” your content, so that people can consume it. We’re consuming more and more on mobile devices. How will you serve that marketplace?
  6. Remember: start somewhere. You don’t have to do amazing video. You have to start telling a story that reflects you, and that is helpful to others. This is the core of a humble platform.
  7. Interviews are a great way to get started in video, because you can ask others to talk about themselves. Learning about others is often helpful to people.
  8. The more you practice with video, the more you’ll see rewards. We are a visual race, we humans. But don’t forget to add text in the post that contains the vide
  9. The best ideas are the ones people can take and make their own. Give your ideas “handles” and let people take those ideas with them when they go.
  10. To come up with great ideas, read and listen to other people’s great ideas. To make your ideas great, share them as often as you can.
  11. Never worry that someone else “stole” your idea. Ideas are free. Execution is what makes you money. I’ve met countless bitter people who “invented Facebook” years before.
  12. It’s great to have a lot of passions. When displaying this via your platform, try to tie them to a larger storyline so that people understand how they connect.
  13. The more you care about the success of others, the more you will be successful.
  14. Being humble isn’t a marketing plan. It’s a requirement for doing human business.
  15. If you want your platform to succeed, you have to become comfortable with selling. Sell yourself. Sell your product. Whatever you’re looking to do, learn how to be open, clear, and honest with how you sell.
  16. The old “ABC” from Glengarry Glen Ross was “Always Be Closing.” The new ABC is “Always Be Connecting.” Networks are what make selling easier. Your platform is part of how you network.
  17. Most small businesses split their time in thirds: 1/3 prospecting, 1/3 executing, 1/3 serving your customers. That’s a good model for us, too. No matter how busy you are, if you’re not doing one of your three prime roles, you’re not working on your business or your platform.
  18. Sometimes, the best posts or videos come from the frequently asked questions people have.
  19. Personal posts can make for really great content. And by personal, I mean, connect people with who you are and what you are about outside of your professional role. What else are you into?
  20. Write about your potential audience or buyer more than you write about yourself.

Chris Brogan is President of Human Business Works, helping (mostly larger) companies with customer acquisition and community nurturing by amplifying the human digital channel. Learn More.


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