attraction marketing
‘Attraction Marketing’ is the buzz word today!

I was reading an article by Ray Higdon on becoming an Attraction Marketing Superstar on the Better Networker forum; so here are some of the key take away points which I feel you can start implementing right away..

  • Education Is The First Step:
    Start filling up that ‘grey matter’ with a lot of stuff, starting today. I recommend a very valuable free course by TyTribble who’s one of the top bloggers and Attraction Marketing Gurus in the industry today. Start your day by listening to audios or reading topics related to Attraction Marketing, as well as personal development courses. To become a ‘Guru’, you need to dedicate atleast 2-4hrs a day in education, for the next 90 days at least.
  • Understand The Industry ‘As A Whole’: This will surely help you make the right moves towards Attraction Marketing. Understanding Email marketing, Social Media marketing, Blogging techniques, Using WordPress and other lead generation systems.
  • Developing Quality Content: We’ve heard time and again, ‘Content is King’. If you’ve got some good stuff in your head, you can start developing that into valuable content, which can be a solution to your ideal prospects’ problems. It can be anything from, ‘How to become an Attraction Marketing Guru‘ to ‘How to create a Blog on WordPress‘. Anything which can give immediate solutions.
  • Start Building That List: Once you have some good stuff to offer, there’s no doubt that your list will also start growing. Give away your most-valuable content for FREE, and YES I mean it,  in exchange for a Name and Email, and setup your auto-responder systems to work in a very personal way; your heart talking to your prospects’ heart. Cut that corporate jargon! Attraction Marketing is all about being YOU, naturally.
  • Collect Social Proof: Once you know that people are liking your stuff, you can start getting feedback from them in the form of audios, videos or even written testimonials and/or Facebook comments. Let the world know about this by getting all these comments on your blog so that it builds your reputation further up.
  • Do Webinars: Webinars is the ‘name of the game’ today, and once you have that list of yours in place, start conducting webinars regularly. That way you get to build a good relationship with all your fans. Make sure your webinars always have “Top Quality Content”. Make sure that you record your webinars so that you can give it away later or possible sell it as an information product.

So these are the steps to becoming an ‘Attraction Marketing Guru’.

If you’ve enjoyed these Attraction Marketing tips and found it helpful for your business, let me know what you’re thinking, by filling in your comments below.


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