Are you too confused on which social media tools to use for your business?

Honestly, there are tons of them out there in the market, and many of them have different purposes.

To effectively manage your social media channels, you first need to have the right strategy.

The biggest mistake most businesses do is that they go on and invest heavily into tools, without having the right strategy.

That’s why I started doing social media workshops every month to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand how to create the right social media strategy for their business.

How To Create A Social Media Strategy?

Before you go on to pick up any social media tool, I recommend that you follow this simple process to create the right strategy for your business.

  1. Create a Customer Avatar: Know who your ideal prospect is
  2. Create a Content Plan based on your Customer’s needs: What motivates, them, what excites them
  3. Next, create a 3-6 month content schedule with all the content ideas developed in step 2
  4. Then setup your website, with all the metrics and analytics in place before you start anything on social media
  5. Spruce up your social media profiles with all the right information
  6. GO TO MARKET: Start publishing simple pieces of content daily across all the key social media platforms
  7. Dedicate a good time of your day in organically building relationships using social media
  8. Then constantly analyse and measure all your activities and tweak your campaigns to improve results
  9. Once you know if something is working, scale up on that and trim down all other strategies which don’t.

In a nutshell, this is the actually way to go about marketing your business on social media.

How To Choose The Right Social Media Tools

Like I mentioned earlier, there are various types of social media tools which are appropriate for different purposes.

  • Social Media Management Tools are great to scheduling posts and automating activities.
  • Social Media Analytics Tools are meant to measure the performance of your activities.
  • Social Media Campaign Tools are great if you want to run contests, promotions and other community building activities.
  • Social Media Content Creation Tools are meant to help you create better quality content pieces for social media, both written and visual content.
  • There are many Content Finding & Saving Tools which can help you find, bookmark and reuse viral content.
  • There are also many Content Sharing Tools which help you quickly disseminate all your content across multiple social media platforms.
  • Finally, we have Social Media Productivity Tools which can help you manage your day and time in a better way.

There was a pretty cool infographic designed by which neatly had all these tools visually represented, which I’ve listed down below.

1. Top Social Media Management Tools

These social media tools help you manage your channels better and can help you save a lot of time.

social media management tools

2. Social Media Analytics Tools

These tools help you analyse your social media activities in a more effective way.

social media analytics tools

3. Social Media Campaign Tools

Do you want to run a quick content on your Fanpage or on Instagram to get your followers to engage more? Here’s a bunch of social media tools dedicated to running successful campaigns.

social media campaign tools

4. Social Media Content Creation Tools

If you want to create awesome written pieces of content or visually appealing content for social media, then you should check out some of these tools which are specifically for content creation.

social media content creation tools

5. Content Finding & Saving Tools

Looking for good content and saving them is also a crucial aspect of social media management.

content finding tools

6. Social Media Content Sharing Tools

Want to know which software is the best to share all your social media content across the internet?

social media sharing tools

2. Personal Productivity Tools

These tools help you analyse your social media activities in a more effective way.

social media productivity tools


It may seem quite overwhelming to see so many tools for different purposes.

But once you know your social media strategy, then it becomes easy for you to pick only the ones which matter.

By attending my next social media workshop you’ll get an idea on how to create the right strategy for you business and which tools to pick up.

I use this email marketing software called GetResponse to convert all my social media prospects to actual business leads. I would highly recommend that you get started with a free trial and integrate it along with all the above tools mentioned above.

Any other social media tools you know? Share below.