social mediaAre you clueless about how you can manage all your Social Media accounts? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube.. and the list goes on. Most folks go one by one into all these accounts and waste so much time in just doing that. In this post I’m going to take you through 5 ways that you can make all this easier for you. You will not have to multitask on social media anymore. And by the way.. you will not require any additional resources (people) to manage all your social media.

1. Design a proper social media strategy
Manage you time and resources in a way by investing in only the social media sites you know that your prospects are. It can be better to build one or two strong profiles than to dilute your influence with a scattershot effort across four or five.

Once you planned on which sites to be on, putting together a social media content strategy can help you stay on top of things. You could tweet only five times a day, post to Facebook once a day and update your blog twice a week. So setting up this strategy and sticking it to it can make your life so much more easier.

Here’s the good news: There’s tons of free and inexpensive social media tools out there. Bliss Control is a free tool that offers shortcuts for you to manage your social media account settings such as privacy, profile pictures and passwords from one place. Social media dashboards such as JugnooHootSuite and Buffer are free tools for managing and scheduling posts across multiple accounts. If you are a larger organization managing multiple social media accounts, I would recommend Sprout Social.

2. Stop recycling content
There could be a temptation of using the same updates over different platforms while managing different accounts. The issue in doing this is that your prospects often follow you on multiple social media profiles and don’t want to find the same stuff from one profile to the next.

In general, form follows function. Twitter can be useful for sharing links, thoughts and quick updates about your company. Facebook will be better for creating and sharing pics, summaries of your links and customer feedback and comments. Don’t automatically Facebook everything you tweet or syndicate your blog on LinkedIn.

# Social Media Tip – Don’t automatically Facebook everything you tweet or syndicate your blog on LinkedIn.

3. Don’t be shy about cross-promoting posts across social media profile
While social media multitasking usually means creating content that’s unique to each platform, that should not stop you from cross-promoting content without annoying your followers. The trick is to direct users to unique or helpful content. For example, ask your Twitter followers to check out new pictures on your Facebook wall.

One free option for building automation into your social networks is a tool called ifttt, which stands for “If This, Then That.” Users can build automated tasks for more than 40 social networks and Web apps using simple conditional statements.

Sendible which starts at about $10 per month also pushes content to various platforms. It also includes metrics to track who is talking about your business and on which sites. It’s pretty cool actually.

4. Use analytics tools to measure all your social media activity
Consider starting with SocialBro which is available as a free desktop app or a browser extension. It includes information on which cities your followers live in and when they’re likely to be online. Free apps such as Tweriod and TweetWhen can also help you determine optimal posting times for different networks.

Link-shortening tools such as bitly can offer statistics on who is clicking through on the links you post. Another option is to monitor your website analytics through tools such as Google Analytics or Yahoo! Web Analytics to see how many referrals you are getting from social media sites. Web hosting services often offer this capability as well.

5. Treat your followers like customers
Try using Twitter, Facebook and, for instance, Instagram’s mobile posting features, to put faces to your employees and give a behind-the-scenes look at your company. Your followers are real people and they most likely will apprecaite seeing the people behind your business and your social media pressence.

There are free Facebook apps for interacting with customers via polls and surveys. Poll for Facebook comes with the ability to add custom code, multiple-choice or written questions and extra privacy settings. Promotion Builder, by Redwood City, Calif.-based Wildfire, starts at $5 per promotion plus 99 cents per day and lets users run contests and promotions such as coupons, group deals and sweepstakes across multiple sites.

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