Perfect DayHave you been struggling to get thru your day? Too many tasks and too less time?

Well, here’s 5 quick tips to make your life easier, which I picked up from

5 Ways To Make Your Days More Productive & Meaningful

1. Begin your day with a goal in mind. Take time to think about your passion and purpose. Write down your goal for the day. On the line below it, think about your major definite purpose. What would you like to accomplish in life if you could do anything? Write that down. These goals may change day to day.

The reasoning behind this practice is that it aligns your subconscious with a pre-set vision. It also helps to organize your actions to align with your purpose and goal.

2. Create a list divided into three sections. The first section represents the “big picture,” or long term goals. Write down steps you need to take to achieve long term goals (a few months to one year). The second section represents daily tasks. These items are (obviously) day-to-day tasks that need to be accomplished. The last column is reserved for anything that doesn’t fit into these two columns. Highlight or star 2-3 items in the first and second column on which you need to focus today.

3. As you go through your day, structure it so that you strategically intersperse “release” time between your “work times.” For instance, squeeze a 30 minute brisk outdoor walk during your lunch break. This will get the blood flowing and set you up with a positive attitude for the remainder of the day.

4. Do the hard things first, or when you are most energized. For instance, I know that I am a morning person; so I schedule my most difficult tasks (the ones that I really don’t want to do, and will not get done if I put them off until the end of the day) in the morning.

5. When you are working, keep your list (step 2) and goals (step 1) close by so you can refer to them as needed. When you are working, work seriouslyNo distractions. No social media sites open. No emails open. This is because you need to finish your tasks as efficiently as possible. This will free up your time to indulge in short breaks, or “release” times (step 3).