Plagiarism CheckerToolsAre you a blogger who’s looking for some Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools? Today technology has advanced so much that websites can easily detect if your content has been copied or not.

After doing some research on all the Free Online Plagiarism Checker tools, here’s my top 15 Free tools.

1. Duplichecker

Very easy to use tool. Just paste your text in (under 1500 words) and this will immediately spit out all the information you’ll need to know where all your content has been copied. I really like this free online plagiarism checker tool.


2. Plagiarisma

This is a very useful toolsfor students & teachers, especially to check if assignments are unique or copied. Best part is that this free online plagiarism checker tool supports more than 190 languages and very simple to use too.


3. Plagiarismcheck

Using this free online plagiarism checker tool you can generate reports, and get a lot of useful resources on how to ensure your content is always unique. You’ve got to sign up for a free account to get started on this.

4. Plagium

Plagium is another free online plagiarism checker tool.  In this tool you can paste up to 25000 characters to check if your content is unique or not.


5. Dustball

Dustball is pretty cool free online plagiarism checker tool. They have a premium version too which costs $8/month. The free version is ok, but using the premium version can give you more data.

free online plagiarism checker tool

Hope you’ve now got a good idea on all the free online plagiarism checker tools.


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