google-mapsA lot of us use Google Maps everyday, and it’s become a part of our lives. Recently my wife and I went to a completely new city and thanks to Google maps, we were able to navigate smoothly around town without having to ask anyone for directions.

I never thought I would pull off some lessons from Google Maps, but here’s my top 3 take aways:

1. Set Your Destination Before You Start

Before we start any journey using Google Maps, we normally set the destination first. Why not we do the same in our lives.

The first big lesson I learnt was that we’ve got to set our goals which are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

2. Detours Are Bound To Teach New Lessons

Many times we feel things are not always going according to the way we have planned. During such times we can definitely think of this as how when we miss an exit while driving the maps automatically readjusts itself with a new route plan.

Similarly in life, if we get into a detour mode, the universe will always chart out a new path for us, as long as we have our goal very clear. The key here is in have the goal absolutely clear.

3. When You Know Your Stuff, Bend The Rules

Since I’m from Bangalore and have lived here for more than 25 years I know many of the roads better than Google does. And many times, I even forego Google Maps suggestions based on my experience of this city and it’s dynamics.

Similarly in life, if we become a subject matter expert and know our stuff well, we will be able to bend the rules based on our gut and intuitive powers. In most cases this can help us reach our goals much faster.

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