Just publishing your blog post is not enough. Here’s 15 things you can do, which can help your blog get instant visibility.

These 15 points were originally written by my mentor David Wood on his blog and I’ve just repurposed his content considering how awesome he really is. 🙂

1. Share On Social Media Profiles

Step one is sharing your new blog post on your personal social media profiles.

Your Facebook, your Twitter, your Google plus.

Share your new blog post on all of the social media profiles you use. This is useful for creating some instant traffic, buzz and getting a few comments going.

2. Link To Influencers

Linking out to ‘influencers’ is one of the easiest ways to gain free backlinks and traffic.

When you publish a long blog post, link to 3-5 relevant blog posts written by other people. You can find popular posts to link to by using a tool called Buzzsumo.

Sometimes, these influential bloggers will read your post, share it or even link to it. Without you doing anything, and with a few extra steps below you can increase the odds.

3. Submit To Syndication Networks

There are entire networks dedicated to sharing content in the blogging/Internet Marketing/Network Marketing space.

Here are a couple of them:

You can sign up to these syndication networks, and submit your new blog posts to them. Sometimes, this will result in dozens or hundreds of social shares.

4. Share Posts In Social Communities

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have lots of sub communities. Specifically Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups.

You can search these two social networks for relevant groups, join them and share links to your new blog posts.

Just remember, always lead with value and don’t spam. Sharing your new post in 5-10 groups can create a lot of instant traffic in about 5 minutes.

5. Share On Niche Forums

Forums are easy places to build traffic and links.

By starting a thread, and creating a short post, you’ll usually be allowed to place a direct link to your blog post.

Give value first, and link to your blog post as a reference.

There are dozens of forums in most niches, especially in the Internet Marketing space. You can start with forums like WarriorForum, DigitalPoint and WickedFire.

To find more forums, Google search ‘niche + forum’. Most of these forums also have a freebie section where you can share downloads. If you write a really badass blog post, consider turning it into a PDF and sharing it in the freebie section for some extra traffic.

6. Submit Post To Bookmarking Sites

People use bookmarking sites to share their favorite websites, content and ‘bookmark’ them for others to see.

You usually won’t get floods of traffic by bookmarking your posts, but you will get a handful of relevant backlinks to increase your search engine rankings.

You can find entire lists of bookmarking sites to submit to, but here are the top 5:

  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • Delicious
  • Folkd

7. Turn Your Post Into A PDF And Upload To Document Sharing Sites

Document sharing sites rank highly in Google, and can provide easy backlinks that increase your rankings.

Turn your blog post into a PDF, add a link to your post within the PDF and upload it to these sites:

There are a few other sites you could submit to, but what’s important is getting a few of these links, and creating another property that can rank on Google by itself and send you traffic.

8. Turn Your Post Into A Powerpoint And Upload To Slideshare.com

Slideshare is a little different to the document sharing sites, as it allows you to upload presentations.

Slideshare as a property, also ranks very highly in Google.

To create traffic & links from Slideshare, turn your blog post into a short slide show, and upload it to Slideshare.

Include a link to your blog post in the presentation.

Upload and that’s it.

 9. Create A Video And Upload To Video Sharing Sites

Videos are powerful. They rank highly in the search engines and can create a flood of referral traffic to your blog.

Create a short video about your blog post, link to the post in your video description and upload it to these video sites:

  • Youtube
  • DailyMotion

10. Create An Infographic About Your Post

Using a free tool like http://piktochart.com, you can create an infographic about your blog post.

This helps you in two ways.

One, you can add the infographic to your blog post to make it more engaging. Two, you can submit the infographic to these directories for free links:

11. Drop A Few Blog Comments

Blog commenting is an easy way to get some backlinks to your blog posts, as well some traffic.

Search for popular blogs on Google or use BuzzSumo, and drop thoughtful comments on their posts with a link back to your new blog post.

Drop at least 10 blog comments for each post you publish, and the traffic builds up.

12. Link To Your Post In A Guest Post

This step is going to take a lot of effort, but will often create the most results. Guest blogging is when you publish a blog post on another person’s blog as a guest.

It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to get traffic as well as high search engine rankings. Each time you publish a guest post, you can include a link to your blog’s home page as well as a link to your latest post.

Allowing you to tap into another blog’s audience for instant traffic, as well as increasing your own post’s rankings in Google.

If you have the time, after blogging daily; create a guest post daily. This can single-handedly blow up your traffic. For a full run-down on how to guest blog, read Backlinko’s guide to guest blogging.

13. Twitter Outreach

Outreach is one of the best ways to promote your blog posts. By asking other bloggers to share your content, they sometimes will. Sometimes not.

This is where the ‘link to influencers’ step comes into play. Most bloggers will only share or link to your posts if you link to theirs first. The goal is to get the bloggers you mention in your blog post to share or link to your post.

You can accomplish this easily with Twitter. Tweet your new blog post link, and include the ‘influencers’ you mentioned in your post Tweet, like this:

twitter outreach

After they see the Tweet, they’ll checkout your post and if they like it; they’ll at least re-tweet it to their followers.

Creating instant traffic, in a couple of minutes.

14. Email Outreach

Getting bloggers to re-tweet your posts is a piece of cake, but getting them to physically link to your posts from their own blogs is a different ball game. It’s also the thing that will create the most results.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to email them. Visit their blogs, find their contact forms and send them an email letting them know you mentioned their content in your new blog post.

You could ask them to share your post, or suggest they link to it from a particular page. I’m not the most experienced person when it comes to outreach.

Although this is a great way to promote your posts (and it’s what all the big name bloggers do); I haven’t done this personally for a long time, but test it out.

There are a lot of great guides like Quick Sprout’s guide to email outreach that show you how to use outreach to secure a lot of powerful links.

15. Scoop.It

Scoop.it is a free content curation site that allows you to submit your blog posts to your profile. As well as sharing your blog posts to your own Scoop.It profile, you can ‘suggest’ them to other users.

A simple way to promote your posts is to find a couple of relevant Scoop.It users that share content on the same subject as your blog post, and suggest your post to them.

It’s very easy, and very effective at creating short bursts of traffic.

That’s everything.

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