So you’re trying to run a business from home online and want to live that life of freedom and flexibility?

In my honest opinion, as much as it’s made to seem easy in most of the sales pitches, here’s my view on this subject after being in the trenches for many months.

Here’s 10 Ways To Completely Screw Up Your Success Online (please aviod at any cost)

  1. Don’t get a mentor
  2. Don’t set goals
  3. Don’t have a daily routine for marketing
  4. Don’t track your busiess stats daily
  5. Don’t be a part of a mastemind group and positive people
  6. Don’t email your list everyday
  7. Don’t blog 3-5 times in a week
  8. Don’t be active on social networks
  9. Don’t split test your campaigns
  10. Don’t treat you business like a million dollar business

If you follow the above 10 suggestions, you can be absolutely sure that you can fail in your home business in flying colours.

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