Have you ever wondered why some of your marketing methods really don’t work? Here are the 10 levels of intimacy in today’s communication, and if you’re able to understand each of these well, you can get better at your overall marketing efforts.


Key Tips On Powering Up Your Communication

1. Twitter 

  • Remove all those RSS feeds and auto-tweeting features
  • Stop following bots
  • Do more direct-messaging and build relationships
  • Use Twitter search more effectively to find your target markets

2. Facebook Status

  • Use more visuals and graphics in your status updates (a combination of Graphic + Text is best)
  • Be consistent
  • Learn how to post at the right time on Facebook
  • Use your Milestones more effectively
  • Get more comments and shares
  • Thank the people who have commented on your post or add to their insights
  • The more engaging you are the better your marketing

3. Facebook Message

  • Avoid sending links to people when you direct message them for the first time
  • Ask more open ended questions like.. “What to you do for a living?”
  • Build relationships
  • If you’re messaging a family member or a friend about an opportunity, start with an open ended question first – “Hey.. how you doing? Long time.. I’ve got this new pet project going and wanted to share it only with a few special people in my circles. Would you be keen to review it for me.. ?”
  • Direct messages can have link to your fan page

4. Email 

  • Setup a good auto-responder system like Aweber
  • Send your emails at the most appropriate time for better open rates
  • Write your emails in a very personal and conversational tone
  • Send emails frequently – 1-4 times per week (keep your list engaged)
  • Ramp up your email open rates by choosing good subject lines and intro text

5. Text Messaging 

  • If you phone has a feature to create SMS groups.. do that now.
  • Text different groups with different targeted messages/language
  • Don’t always try to sell stuff via text
  • Send text messages at times when people can read properly and take action

6. Instant Messaging

  • Tools like Live Messenger, Google Talk & Facebook Chat
  • Great for building relationships and being in touch with friends and family
  • Great for customer support

7. Letter (Direct Mail)

  • Extremely powerful and it’s a BIG DEAL today
  • Send letters in a way that it does not look like an offer or ad
  • Hand write the TO and FROM addresses for extremely high open rates
  • Make sure your copywriting connects with your prospect

8. Phone

  • If you’ve got the gift of the gab.. great! If not read this.
  • Build rapport first by asking open ended questions
  • Qualify first before selling anything
9. Video Chat
  • Use tools like Skype and Google Hangouts to build relationships
  • Extremely powerful to build a personal connection
  • Search on Google for meeting schedulers to optimise your time better
10. Talking (One-on-one)
  • This is by far the most powerful form of communication with the highest level of intimacy
  • The best marketers are those who have mastered the art of face to face selling first
  • Find out your prospects pain points, and address those with solutions that your product/service is able to offer

If you are able to approach each of these different communication methods differently, as mentioned above, you can aure see better results in your overall marketing efforts.

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