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Google+ Comes Back To Life With A New Interface!

Just when you thought Google+ was about to die, something interest happened on 17th November, 2015. Yes, Google+ was long overdue for a major overhaul of their social networking platform, and it came at the right moment. “Today, we’re starting… Continue Reading →

12 Golden Rules For Startup Success

It’s always exciting to ‘start’ a business, it’s easy to ‘stop’ it, but the magic is in ‘maintaining’ and running it successfully. In the last few years of running a startup, I have learnt many lessons, some of which I totally… Continue Reading →

How To Improve Writing Skills For Email, Social Media & Web

Words are the basis of everything in life. And writing is this unique ability to put words in order. Copywriting is one of the highest paid professions on the internet today, and there’s a growing demand for good copywriters for social… Continue Reading →

Top 30 CEO Quotes That Will Inspire You To Chase Your Dreams

The best way to be successful is to model the best. It’s the easiest path to achieve your dreams and goals in life. When you start learning from those who have already walked the path, it becomes so much more… Continue Reading →

Why Most People Today Hate Receiving Calls (That Includes Me)

Do you dread receiving calls? Do you sometimes get angry when another human calls you? There’s actually a psychology behind this syndrome. Don’t worry too much… these symptoms are completely natural in the age in which we are living in…. Continue Reading →

Why I Feel Business Cards Are Absolutely Pointless In 2015 & Beyond

“Can I have your business card, please?” 

10 Twitter Growth Hacks To Explode Your Followers Count

Do you want to explode your twitter influence? Here are 10 quick twitter growth hacks that can help you. When I started off on Twitter many years back, I never understood why over 20k followers started following me, but when I… Continue Reading →

7 Ideas To Stay Focused & Get More Done

Often it appears that for as numerous hours there are in the day, there are 3 times as numerous interruptions that take you away from work that needs to get done. So what can you do to obtain a little… Continue Reading →

Want To Know The Sleep Patterns Of 21 Highly Successful People?

We all have just 24-hours in a day, but what differentiates the super successful and the average person is what one does in their 24hours. I was really curious to know about the sleep patterns of the world’s most busy… Continue Reading →

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