Inspiration From Hundreds Of Feet Above The Ground

The best part about living the internet lifestyle is that you can be anywhere you want, inspiring anyone from any part of the world... even if it's hundreds of feet above sea level! Building a business online is definitely an uphill journey and by speaking from high up above, my wife and I had some interesting thoughts to share with you. … [Read more...]

How To Overcome Internet Marketing Burnout

Are you sick and tired of being 'sick and tired' after struggling online. Tell me about it. I have been through this grinding phase for over 3 years and finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. Watch this video as I reveal them to you. … [Read more...]

Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

Are you a blogger who's looking for some Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools? Today technology has advanced so much that websites can easily detect if your content has been copied or not. After doing some research on all the Free Online Plagiarism Checker tools, here's my top 15 Free tools. 1. Duplichecker Very easy to use tool. Just paste your text in (under 1500 words) and this will immediately … [Read more...]

What It Feels Like Meeting Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Today is one of the most memorable and magical days of my life... September 21st, 2014. I got to spend quality time with the multi-millionaires and best-selling authors of the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert and Kim Kiyosaki. In this video I talk about my experience meeting them and how Robert and Kim really are as people.   Watch This Special Video Message! … [Read more...]

Caught Up With Peng Joon Here In India

For those of you who do not know, Peng Joon is one of the top internet marketers in Malaysia, and today I had a chance to personally learn from him all that he did to go from $150,000 in debt to now earning over $10 million dollars on the internet. If you search on google for 'Peng Joon Clickbank', you'll notice that this guy has been one of the top producers in the Clickbank marketplace. He's … [Read more...]

5 Simple Steps To Generate Free Leads Using Facebook

Facebook has over 1 billion population and if you are looking to generate free leads for your home based business, this can be one of the most powerful tools, if done right. In this post I cover the 5 simple steps that I use to generate free leads consistently using Facebook. Step 1 - Setup an Attractive Personal Profile The biggest mistake home business owners do is have their Facebook profile … [Read more...]

5 Things Successful People Never Do

While I was researching today about habits of most successful people, I stumbled up on this really cool article on talking about the 9 things that successful people never do. We've heard time and again that 'success is a habit', and the more we can imbibe into ourselves some of these timeless principles the more successful we can become. Out of the 9 things, I was particularly … [Read more...]